Getting out of the Negative: 4 Ways Positive Reviews Can Get Your Business out of a Financial Rut

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The expansion of the World Wide Web has greatly changed the landscape for businesses.

Traditional advertising and marketing is no longer enough. At the click of a button, a business can be discredited for hyperbole in their marketing.

Millennials — quickly becoming the most influential generation as they age into their 30s — don’t trust brands and advertising like the generations before the Internet. We’re all investigators now and heavily invested in our purchase process.

Instead of trusting advertising, consumers trust reviews from fellow consumers. Peer reviews are among the most trusted content on the Internet with 68% Millennials reporting they trust them, according to one study.

As marketers began to learn how much consumers trusted peer reviews, the rise of the fake review began.

  1. Brand Trust

    Consumers in the Internet age trust other consumers more than anyone else — outside of direct friends and family recommendations — when it comes to product reviews.

    Some studies have shown that consumers trust other consumer reviews more than expert reviews. That trust is super important to gaining brand loyalty and boosting sales.

    As marketers began to learn how much consumers trusted peer reviews, the rise of the fake review began.

    For many consumers, it is easy to see through, but using review verifying services like OpenTell can reduce fake reviews.

  2. Referrals

    Those positive product reviews are more than just warm fuzzy feelings. Positive reviews can directly act as referrals — and more sales.

    According to a survey from Kissmetrics, 93% of Millennials have made a purchase based on an online recommendation from a friend or family member and 89% of Millennials trust those peer reviews more than any claims from the brand itself.

    The more positive reviews you receive, the more referrals you will experience.

  3. Increased Traffic

    Traffic to your website — especially if you sell online — is a guaranteed way to grow your sales and get out of a financial rut.

    There are lots of ways to boost traffic with SEO practices, including positive reviews.

    Every time your brand name gets mentioned in a review, it can boost your pages SEO. Having your brand on online review site also offers an opportunity for lots of link banks, that not only offer a new way for people to find your brand but also boost your SEO.

    The more people know about your brand, the more likely they are to buy — especially if those reviews are positive.

  4. Customer Service Engagement

    Every review — even the negative ones, but especially the positive ones — are an opportunity for your business to engage with consumers. The feedback from positive reviews are a valuable tool to adjust the direction of your business, ultimately leading to better business practices.

    Also, Millennials are more drawn to brands that engage with them. Utilizing the reviews to respond to comments or introduce a new product shows consumers that you are listening to them.

    A better customer service engagement means better sales.

Now that you understand positive reviews are solid gold, it’s time to get started on cultivating positive reviews. Encourage your current customers to leave reviews about your products through social media or your email list.

Your loyal customers are the best tool you have to gain new customers through the power of positive reviews. Get out of the negative and into the positive by cultivating those positive reviews.

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