GM Has A Hit Car On Its Hands

Monday, July 13, 2009, 5:31 PM | Leave Comment

Amid the gloom of bankruptcy and a miserable market for new vehicles, General Motors’s new Chevrolet Camaro muscle car is winning over consumers looking for a little excitement in a bland landscape of look-alike sedans and watered-down sport utilities. GM sold 9,300 Camaros during the month of June – more than either its entire Buick or Cadillac divisions could muster on their own.

A product renaissance, of course, cannot be led solely by a retro-styled sports car that goes back to the horsepower hysteria of the 1960s. But in its short time on the market, the Camaro has brought some much-needed buzz to G.M. showrooms.

In a Nutshell
Read the full story “A Muscle Car to the Rescue“. Make sure to watch the two slide shows.

I think I would go test Camaro even though I don’t need another car right now.

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