Good Dating Needs Good Credit Score

Friday, January 4, 2013, 2:00 AM | 2 Comments

There are articles floating around in the landscape of the Internet that raise the issues of good credit score resulting in good dating. It is becoming a trend on the dating scene to ask your date about his / her credit score.

They want to know how reliable, responsible their date is; how they handle their credit and if they are under heavy debt that they cannot handle properly so they can get out of the short relationship they have had before they say YES.

They cannot be entirely blamed asking the question of credit score. There have been many instances during the last decade or so that only one spouse shows responsibility with money while the other may be a free spender.

If you look at some of the websites for dating such as credit score dating and date my credit score, they use credit score when they develop their client profile.

This is important when one potential partner is a big spender, doesn’t care much about bad credit score and is unable to improve it and the other is penny-pincher and is always careful when it comes to saving and spending.

These dating services may have a point. Good dating and good credit score may lead to success in your marriage – if you decide to accept the challenge of wetting your feet in mutual matrimony.

Jessica Silver-Greenberg over at New York Times dot Com says…

It’s difficult to quantify how many daters factor credit scores into their romantic calculations, but financial planners, marriage counselors and dating site executives all said that they were hearing far more concerns about credit than in the past.

“I’m getting twice as many questions about credit scores as I did prerecession,” Ms. Manisha Thakor said, who is the founder and chief executive of MoneyZen Wealth Management, a financial advisory firm.

Improve your credit score before jumping into partnership…

Improving credit score and reducing or eliminating debt altogether in general is a good idea regardless whether you are getting into a permanent relationship.

However, if you want to date and want it to turn into meaningful relationship, you must first start on the journey of improving your financial life.

Remember a thousand mile journey starts with taking your first step. Slowly but surely you will reduce debt and improve your credit score.

Potential of marriage proposal from the guys…

Hey guys! If your credit score is above 800, then you have removed one big hurdle for making a marriage proposal. The rest depends on your good behavior and your good heart.

In essence, credit score better than 800 will easily get you in the door and you two then can start working on other behaving (or misbehaving) issues and concerns.

Potential of marriage proposal from the gals…

Hey gals! If your credit score is above 800, then you have removed one big hurdle for making a marriage proposal.

Traditionally, man proposes. But you can too. This is America which stands for the destruction of traditions and customs. So you female gender of the human species, rise up to the occasion, take the matter in your own hands and propose to your guy.

Like they say, “It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.” The rest depends on your good behavior and your good heart.

If either one of you…

If either one of you has a credit score of 400 or less, follow Woody Allen and do what he did in 1969: “Take the money and run with whatever money you can get your hands on and run like hell. You have no place with a partner in this modern world of the 21st Century that runs on good credit score.

In a Nutshell
It seems these days “good dating needs good credit score” is a niche market, but sooner or later it will become mainstream, especially in many households one partner may be careful about their credit score while the other is a free spender.

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  2. By Paul on Jan 26, 2013, 9:13 am | Reply

    Great article! Glad to see that we’re not the only ones with the vision to see that this trend is only just beginning. Most of the media response has been rooted in tired Romantic ways of thinking. Today’s professional singles view marriage as an investment and so they want some hard numbers to crunch when it comes to a potential mate.

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