Guest Writers

I am currently looking for guest writers and bloggers! It’s your time to be discovered. If you have ideas or have gone through real life experiences in dealing with the subjects at hand, you can send me your article via my contact link.

What to write on?

The horizontal menu above says it all. You can write on any topic on the menu.

What’s in it for you?

  • Lifetime link on my blog
    This will give you long lasting increase in your search engine rankings.

  • Readership growth
    Hundreds of readers are swamping in this blog everyday, more exposure for your blog when you include your blog address!

  • Full credit on your post
    You can put your author box on top, middle or at the bottom of your post. Anywhere you want it to appear.

Quality articles

I am looking for quality articles here. Not just some self promotion, but yes, you can do that in your author box. Besides, the better the article that you post, the more likely the readers will go and visit your blog.

Article requirements

  • Should consists of at least 500 words;
  • When writing introduction for your article, please use at least 55 words because that’s how many words it’s set up for.
  • Written clearly and in a layman’s simple words;
  • Exclusive for this blog with unique title, unique content.
  • I prefer articles for American market. That’s the targeting niche market I have selected. I don’t want to entertain too many articles targeting foreign markets. So please take a note of it.

  • Use shorter title…

    The maximum title size that is of any good to Google is 60 characters. That’s characters, not words. So please make the title as concise as possible.

  • Keywords in the title

    Use at least one keyword in title that is used in the article more than once.

    However, don’t overwhelm your article with keywords. Google might penalize my blog because of the numerous keywords used in the article.

    In general, write articles for readers and not for search engines.

  • Try to avoid including vowels in Title

    Please try your utmost to avoid using vowels in the main title of your article.

  • Use Sub Titles wherever appropriate…

    Try to have subtitles inside the article so the reader may be able to read it better. With the shortest possible time at their disposal (at least that’s what research shows us), subtitles make the article much more readable.

  • Divide the article in shorter paragraphs…

    On the Internet, most folks don’t read an article all the way through. Long and very long paragraphs have turned out to be detrimental to the readers’ health. So please keep the paragraphs short and to the point.

Other essentials…

There are numerous articles about how to write a post. Do a search in your favorite search engine and read a few articles about writing a blog post body.

  • 15 Must-Know Facts on How People View Websites

    Click on the link below and follow the 15 points given in the article. I find the article simple, straightforward yet essential to writing a good article

    15 Must-Know Facts on How People View Websites

  • Links to your business

    Experts suggest to have links in the body of the article. One or at the most two links should be enough.

    Lately, authors of guest posts have asked me to remove the link from the author’s BIO. So please do your own research of how best to have links in the article.

    It looks like Google does not like standalone links any place. It must create a smooth flow in the article.

    We do not accept articles with links to gambling / and casino website.

    If you want to include a link to your business, write a brief description and include anchor text and a link to your business. Google and others don’t like standalone links.

  • Content of Article

    Make sure the content is generic in nature, not specific to any country unless the target market is U.S.A.

  • Images with your article

    If you do provide image with your article, make sure that the image size is less than 2 MB. I use WordPress platform and it cannot handle more than 2 MB for the image.

  • Using Word Processor to write articles

    If you are already using Microsoft Office suite at home or in your office, then you can use MS Word to write the article.

    If you have no office suite of any kind, then you can download the free Open Office Suite and use its Writer to write the article:

    Once you have written and saved your article, just attach it with your email. It’ll make editing in WordPress editor to the very minimum.

  • Check Spam/Junk folder

    When you initiate a conversation, I always reply. Sometimes, it just so happens that my emails are received in Spam/Junk folder. So I keep getting emails asking me when the article will be published even though I’ve already sent them email telling about schedule and the publish date and time. Please check your spam folder for my email reply.

  • Please don’t include article as content in your email

    The content in the body of the email takes a good half hour to make it conform to WordPress editor. So please don’t write the content in the body of the email. Instead, use word processor as I have stated above.

  • Author BIO

    If possible include author’s bio.

  • Allowable number of links

    More than two links will hardly cut it with Google. By default, the link is a DOFOLLOW.

  • Including External links after article is published

    Write a small paragraph about your business.

    Include anchor text and link to your biz.

    The description should “flow” with the rest of the article.

    Google and others don’t like standalone links.

  • Duration of guest post

    How about permanent.

  • What happens when your article is accepted

    1. The article is RE-FORMATTED to conform to WordPress format.

    2. The article is scheduled.

    3. You’ll be emailed about the schedule of your article.

    4. When the article is published, you’ll be emailed with live URL.

  • Casino, Gambling, Lottery and such

    We don’t entertain articles and websites that deals with gambling, casino, lottery, etc.


Please contact me if you are interested in writing for Doable Finance dot Com.