Guide to Getting Cheap Airline Tickets With VPN

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If traveling is your passion, then you’re fully aware just how much of your money goes to airfare and other means of transportation.

Most people use money as the biggest excuse for not traveling more, but where there’s a will, there’s a way and there are many ways you can work around pricey airline tickets and save money, which will be our topic for the day.

Not to much surprise, the commodity of buying tickets online comes with the disadvantage of airlines manipulating their prices to earn more money and it is wise to have a system that helps you surpass this problem.

One of the more effective ways to make sure you’re get a more objective price for your tickets is to use a virtual private network to navigate your way around booking websites.

There are some tricks that these sites use to get more money out of your pocket, and VPN can help you get around all of them. So, here’s a guide to getting cheaper airline tickets with VPN.

  • Ever Heard of Price Steering?


    If you’re new to the travelers’ community, then one of the first things you need to become aware of is price steering. Like we mentioned, our lives became much easier the moment we were able to buy airline tickets over the web, but naturally every commodity comes with a price, and in this case it’s dealing with price steering.

    All booking websites have an agreement with airline companies that allow them to adjust the price of the tickets according to various factors including your browsing history, the type of device from which you’re looking for your ticket, as well as your physical location.

    Yes, this is completely legal and yes, they’re using this system against you as much as they can.

    The key is in your browser, which is allowed to pass on any information that the booking website needs to create a custom-made prices for you.

    Price steering in a nutshell means that it’s incredibly difficult to get the real prices on your screen and based on your personal information, you’re always overpaying for any and every airline ticket you buy.

  • What Does VPN Do for You?


    Virtual private networks are the go-to solution to everything that concerns internet privacy. VPNs are there to prevent surveillance of your online activities and your sensitive details by encrypting all the information that spills out from your device into the World Wide Web.

    The uses of VPN like ExpressVPN are manifold, which is why you can use it to get cheap airline tickets.

    VPN doesn’t simply encrypt your data, but it also masks your IP address, so that the booking websites can’t get real information from where you’re looking for the tickets.

    Your virtual private network will seemingly move your IP to another country of your choosing, thanks to servers all over the world.

    Seeing that one of the major factors of price steering is your current location, by using VPN you’re not giving the websites one of the most important details that allows them to tinker around prices.

    If you want to get the best prices for your trip, move your IP address to the country you’re traveling to, because there’s a general rule that locals actually get better prices than visitors, which does make sense.

    Also, know that if you’re searching for your flight over your iPhone or Mac, chances are that the prices will be higher, because most of the booking companies (this goes both for flights and hotels) show pricier options for Apple technology users.

    VPN makes things much easier on your bank account because it’s beating price steering with its own weapon and gives you an opportunity to take a look at what is the real deal and what is practically stealing from you.

    One other piece of advice – don’t fall for the – One seat left! ruse because it’s only there to make you panicky and rush you into buying a more expensive ticket.

  • Additional Help


    While a VPN will help you a lot in getting better prices when booking your flight online, there are a few other things you can do to additionally improve your odds in getting a good bargain. Your browser becomes you stumbling block in this situation, which is why you should do your best to get this setback out of the way.

    When you’re perusing through the booking sites looking for that best price, make sure to clear your cookies after every search.

    Those little files of information about what flights you are looking at will not only cut down your possibilities of getting a cheaper ticket, but it will also be used for targeted ads that will then follow you whenever you go.

    We all know how annoying popups and ads can be and deleting your cookies cuts the information flow to the websites, as well as to advertising companies, so it’s a win-win situation.

    Another sound tip is to use incognito mode whenever you’re on the tickets’ hunt, so that your browsing history doesn’t affect your search in any way.

    Browsers are allowed to share your history, which booking sites take full advantage of and you don’t want to fall prey to their strategy.

    Using incognito mode is simple enough and just by doing that, you will see the difference in prices. When you add powers of VPN to all this, your path to getting cheaper airline tickets will be clear.

VPNs are useful in many ways and you should definitely use it to browse for airfares. You will be pleasantly surprised to see just how much the price range changes and how much money you can save by simply having your own virtual private network.

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