Have a Blow-Out on Your Commute? How to Save Money on New Tires

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There’s never a good time to blow out a tire. No matter when it happens, you’re going to be inconvenienced – and you’re also going to have to figure out how to afford another tire.

While this emergency expenditure can be tough, there are ways to reduce your costs.

Below are four ways you can save money when replacing your tires.

Have a Blowout on Your Commute How to Save Money on New Tires

  • Comparison Shop Online

    If you need tires quickly, the best way to reduce your costs might be to comparison shop online. Take a look at multiple tire shops online and figure out which one has the best price. Finding the best price doesn’t always mean you have to buy from a specific dealer – bringing in a competitor’s quote might allow you to get a better deal from a shop that you trust.

  • Buy Ahead of Time

    If you really want to save on tires, you have to buy ahead of time. The tires won’t necessarily be at a lower price when you choose to buy ahead of time but you’ll have much more time to look for a great deal. You might be able to drive further to get tires for less or even take advantage of seasonal prices – two things you can’t do if you’re trying to get a tire replaced in a hurry.

  • Buy a Set

    If you want to reduce the total cost per tire, the best way to do is to buy four at a time. Not only do tires tend to cost less as a set, but many stores tend to offers discounts when you buy all four at once, especially if you buy during prime sale seasons. Though this might be more expensive up-front, it’s a great way to save money on your tires over time.

  • Get a Warranty

    Finally, make sure that you get a warranty on any tire that you buy. While warranties won’t cover every possible issue, having one that deals with wear and tear can allow you to replace a tire for free in some situations. While you might pay a little bit more when you buy your tires, you’re giving yourself a bit of insurance if and when you have problems while you are on the road.

Saving money on tires generally requires looking for deals and staying calm when buying. Buy ahead of time and get a warranty when you can, but try to comparison shop and buy with discounts when you cannot. If you’re able to stop panicking, you can find great ways to save money on tires.

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