Have Passion And Tenacity To Be Successful In Business

Sunday, June 20, 2010, 12:29 AM | 5 Comments

To start a business and be successful at it, you need a lot of planning and resources. You need a good and well thought-out business plan. As humans, we have some “generic” characteristics and qualities but they are sometimes hidden deep in ourselves.

We have to bring them out to the surface because that’s how other folks want to see and with which we communicate with others.

Two of the more important qualities are passion and tenacity. We all know what these words mean.

If not, we can look them up in dictionaries of our choice, online and offline.

However, we must try to understand the concept behind these words. They can be simple as we want them to be and complex as the concepts tend to be.

  • Passion

    First and foremost is passion. We all have that. You must enjoy what you do whether you sell a service or a product. Passion is one thing that an entrepreneur must have to be successful in business.

  • Tenacity

    Tenacity is when you don’t wanna quit your idea so easily. Instead, you keep working at it. You stick with it. You don’t give up. In most cases, the result can be positive, fruitful and eventually profitable. In the beginning, most folks start at the bottom. For them, they have nowhere else to go but up because they keep optimizing their product and marketing ways.

  • Put them together

    Now when you put passion and tenacity together, they become a part of your service. Over time, that gets embedded in the service and product you offer and your customers see and feel it. You slowly and gradually build your customer base with it.

    With passion and tenacity combined, you develop a warm and fuzzy relationship with your customers by providing them value. From then on, you not only develop new customers but also work hard to keep your existing customers.

  • How well you know your customers?

    Your tenacity must play a huge part in knowing and understanding what your customers want. You must be constantly on a mission to know your prospects better. You always want to find ways to get people talking about and sharing your marketing message as well as information about your service and product.

In a Nutshell
In business and probably everything else in life, you must have passion about your work and keep working at your idea, service and product. Embed these qualities in whatever you offer your prospects.

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