Have Virtue Of Humility To Be Successful Project Manager

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Project Managers, having humility in their behavior, are most likely to be successful. Some folks, in general, are born with this virtue. Others may try to achieve it through formal training and practice. Humility is a dramatically more powerful and effective way of leading as against authoritarian power. Folks with humility are sometimes known as humble people.

Have Virtue Of Humility To Be Successful Project Manager

Humble humans have a clear perspective, and therefore respect, for one’s place in context. Humble people, as project managers, are delightful to work with and easy to live with. Humble people make great friends and are always fun to be with.

Humility can also be defined as something the opposite of pride. Pride in finishing a project is good but always bragging about it is detrimental to the success of your next project undertaking.

At a very minimum, follow these four steps to be successful as project manager:

  1. Recognize emotions

    Assuming we’re all humans, we have emotions – pleasant or not-so-pleasant. Pleasant emotions are feeling confident, soothed, peaceful, relaxed, joyful, etc. Your team members will love to have friendship with you. They would be at ease when they talk to you.

    The not-so-pleasant emotions are feeling unwanted, unnoticed, rejected, ugly, abandoned, misunderstood, powerless, stupid, etc. Your team members will try to stay away from you. They would be at a highly discomfort when they talk to you.

  2. Recognize Psychological Defenses

    The most important aspect of psychological defenses is controlling anger. If you get mad because a team member has done a job that’s not of high quality as others’, don’t be angry. Resolve the issue calmly and with your full cooperation. Helping your team members is one of the essential parts of being a successful project manager.

  3. Face unpleasant and frightening emotions

    Be a man, so to speak, and face the unpleasant and frightening emotions of the past. Almost all humans have experienced something scary and unpleasant in their childhood.

    Therefore, try hard to examine your life very carefully so as to make a conscious, enlightened connection between your suppressed emotions and your current behavioral problems.

    Most often we create our problems and most often we’re the ones who can solve them. We alone. However, if you need psychological help, then get it before the unpleasant emotions get out of control, especially emotions of anger.

  4. Learn New Behaviors

    You can learn and follow new behaviors and attitudes for the better. One way to do it is to feel the sorrow of how much both you and others are damaged when you continue acting according to your old patterns of behavior.

    Once you start feeling this sorrow, you’ll be able to resolve the issue and declare to yourself that you will do anything it takes to change your behavior.

In a Nutshell
My dear project manager, have humility in your undertaking any project. Be humble to others and they will respect you and like you as a friend.

So the more you develop humility in you and be humble with your team members, the more success you’ll have as project manager.

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