Heat Up Your Marketing Game with These Summer Promotional Items

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Summer makes the perfect setting for brand marketing for a number of reasons but mostly because outdoor seasons are like made for increasing brand visibility.

In order to maximize your performance, perhaps you should consider giving out some of the hottest promotional items this summer:

    Heat Up Your Marketing Game with These Summer Promotional Items 1

  • Sunglasses and Umbrellas

    If there is one thing in the entire world that will never go out of style it is definitely a pair of cool shades.

    Making personalized sunglasses in different colours and sizes is a great marketing move as soon enough you will see half of your town wearing your company brand on their face.

    Another great thing about sunglasses is the fact that you do not have a focus group as literally everyone wears sunglasses during summer.

    And while we are on the topic of sun protection, the beach season calls for personalized beach umbrellas in colourful shades.

    What is a better way to promote your brand than to cover the whole beach with your name?

  • Heat Up Your Marketing Game with These Summer Promotional Items 2

  • Sunscreen

    Another great idea for brand recognition is creating an outdoor event near the beach while handing out promotional gift bags containing some essential beach items.

    The subject of sun protection is quite expressed, especially nowadays with the complete global warming hype and thus giving out promotional bottles of sunscreen is considered a wise step.

    Include a customized towel or a waterproof phone case inside the bag and create a successful marketing promotional event.

  • Hats and Shirts

    Let’s face it – no matter how much stuff you already have in the closet you will never turn down a new t-shirt. Shirts and hats make one of the essential promotional products during those long summer months and no promotional event can go on without them.

    Consider using cheerful summer tones and colours but avoid black by any means, as you do not want your potential customers roasting on the sun.

    While talking about clothing garments, another good idea is to create personalised flip-flops as they are a must-have footwear for summer.

  • Heat Up Your Marketing Game with These Summer Promotional Items 3

  • Customized Water Bottles

    The importance of hydration, especially during those humid and hot summer days is quite expressed and you will rarely see a person without a water bottle in its hand. So why not surprise your clients by giving out promotional water bottles?

    It is a good idea to make the bottles using quality materials or of sturdier plastic so they could be used long-term.

  • Beach Balls

    Introduce a bit of fun in your marketing campaign by handing out branded beach balls for your clients. These inflatable balls are a great way to attract new customers and also to win the hearts of the youngest audience.

    Personalized Frisbees also make a great promotional product for summer and the best thing about these fun promo items is that they are actually quite affordable.

  • Printed Bags

    Lastly, one of the most effective summer promotional items is of course an oversized tote bag. If you are thinking of handing out some of the promotional items why not include a bag to place all those items?

    Colorful personalised backpacks are also a great way to promote your brand and are actually quite useful and adored by people.

Whether you own a small home-based business or you are an owner of a big company the goal is pretty much the same: make profit. And what is a better way to sell your products and services than to promote your brand?

Brand recognition is achieved through proper marketing techniques, giving out certain items and organizing events in order to attract potential clientele and promote your business.

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