Heating Bill Bingo: How to Lower Your Monthly Home Costs

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As the temperatures drop and the use of heating utilities begin to rise, you’re left wondering how you can reduce your monthly heating costs without waking up to a blistering cold house when you get out of bed.

Many people believe they must compromise their comfort to save money, but that’s not always the case.

If you’re a resourceful homeowner and you learn how heating systems work, it’s possible to save money while you increase comfort in your home.

Heating Bill Bingo How to Lower Your Monthly Home Costs

Here are four tips on lowering utility bills without compromising comfort this winter.

  1. Install a Thermostat and Set it Strategically

    It’s tempting to run your heater all day and night when the temperatures drop, but doing this raises your bill every second of the day.

    One way to stay warm without draining your wallet, is to install a thermostat and lower the temperature by just a few degrees while you sleep at night.

    The heat will still kick on, but lowering the degrees while you are laying in your warm bed, or in your office during the day can take 5 to 10 percent off of your heating bill.

  2. Keep the Hot Air In

    Do you really want to pay to heat air in your home and then watch those dollars escape out of gaps in your window sills and door jams? Letting heat escape out of the home can lead to discomfort and expensive bills.

    If your heat is on, the doors and windows should always be closed tightly. You should also turn ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen off.

    Invest in door runners to prevent cool air from coming in, and you’ll notice the difference.

  3. Invest in an Annual Tune-up

    According to Nationwide Boiler, you can keep your furnace or used boiler running efficiently even beyond its projected expiration date if you invest in an annual tune-up.

    By hiring an HVAC expert to inspect your unit and maintenance it for a flat fee, you can prevent serious issues that lead to inefficiency.

    In terms of utilities, inefficiency means high bills. If you’re looking for a replacement, look for used boilers for sale which can save you a bundle and give you more time to get a system you really want.

  4. Turn Down Your Water Heater

    The typical water heater thermostat is set at 140 degrees. If you’re looking for an area to save where it won’t be noticeable, turn down the thermostat to 120 degrees and you’ll save a pretty penny throughout the winter season.

You don’t have to brave a snow storm without ever running your heater, just to keep down your electric and gas bills.

In today’s modern age, roughing it isn’t the only way to keep down monthly expenses.

Try these solutions, and you can save each and every winter while you create memories with your family indoors.

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