Hey buddy! Can you spare $15 billion? I mean $15B more

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The Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae, has asked the U.S. Treasury for help and want $15 billion more money. I can just imagine what they would say to each other. [The minutes of their meeting have not been revealed to the public – yet.]

Fannie Mae: Hey buddy, long time no see. Can your spare $15 billion? I mean $15 billion more.”
U.S. Treasury: “Don’t be looking at me. I ain’t got no $15 billion. I got mouths to feed, bills to pay.”
Fannie Mae: “But didn’t you put $200 billion on the table a while back for me and others to fill our pockets with?”
U.S. Treasury: “Oh that $200 billion. But that’s public money. It ain’t mine.”
Fannie Mae: “What you talkin’ about Willis? You are the United States Treasury, man. Wake up. Your fat ass is sitting on the U.S. Treasury and that, my dear fat ass, is no small change to be sitting on the treasury.”
U.S. Treasury: “You know a while back, out of the $200 billion, I gave you $44.9 billion. Wasn’t that enough?”
Fannie Mae: “You say you’ve got mouths to feed, bills to pay. Well! I am doing the same thing here. I am broke, man. I have got to have that money.”
U.S. Treasury: “Well! I gotta clear it with the U.S. Congress. You understand that, don’t you? You know our legislative process.”
Fannie Mae: “But you have already cleared it with them. Didn’t they tell you ‘spend it as you see fit.’ Well! you see me fit, don’t you?”
U.S. Treasury: “Oh Ya! that’s exactly what they told me. But no, you are not fit. You are fat and ugly. Stay away from me. And what about the American public?”
Fannie Mae: “What about them?”
U.S. Treasury: “Well! in the final analysis, it’s their money.”
Fannie Mae: “Don’t be dragging them in this quagmire? They don’t care about nothing any way. When they ask about the money, we will all be gone by then.”
U.S. Treasury: “What do you mean we will all be gone.”
Fannie Mae: “Four years or maybe 8 years and you are gone.”
U.S. Treasury: “I am the U.S. Treasury. I am not going anywhere.”
Fannie Mae: “Enough with the talk. $15 billion, man, $15 billion. That’s all I want.”
U.S. Treasury: “Let me think about it. I will get back to you in a while.”
Fannie Mae: “Don’t be late now, you hear buddy? We have been friends for a long time.”

In a Nutshell
Fannie Mae will get the $15 billion and perhaps more from the U.S. Treasury. That’s almost guaranteed. No question about that.

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