Hidden Gold: Five Unexpected Industries to Invest in

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Everyone wants to know which industries hold the most promise. Picking investments that will pay off is never easy, but by considering novel sectors that often get overlooked, you can follow that buy low, sell high philosophy to take advantage of these industries’ neglected value.

Hidden Gold, Five Unexpected Industries to Invest in

Here are just a few industries that will likely outperform laymen expectations.

  1. Payroll Processors

    With employment increasing and new regulations in tax law and healthcare just around the corner, the firms that handle payroll processing should expect increasing returns. These companies handle all of the withholdings and taxes on paychecks.

    For anyone betting on a continued steady growth of the US economy, including increased hiring and the growth of small businesses that outsource their payroll management, payroll processing firms provide an unexpected investment opportunity.

  2. VOIP Technology

    With the synergy in the telecommunication and internet sectors, companies involved in Voice Over Internet Protocol can expect to see great future profits and rapid innovation. As communication continues to move onto the internet, businesses are searching for ways to increase their use of internet protocol telephony.

    The flexibility that VOIP offers over increasingly obsolete methods of communication ensures that it is an industry with staying power. Industry behemoth Comcast is one example of a company firmly invested in the future of VOIP.

  3. Cleantech

    While many venture capital firms have been disappointed in renewable energy, Cleantech encompasses a wider array of industries, including pollution abatement, waste-water treatment, energy storage, and smart grid technology. The push to become more energy efficient and the concerns about climate change mean that Cleantech industries should have solid growth potential.

  4. Storage Facilities

    Compared to residential rental units, storage facilities have far lower overhead and maintenance costs. Owners of storage units do not have to worry about the common landlord/tenant problems that plague so many owners of apartment complexes.

    According to the Self Storage Association, a not-for-profit organization that operates as the official trade organization of the US storage industry, US self storage sales in 2012 topped $22 billion.

    Recent growth and acquisitions by such companies as Extra Space Storage illustrate the growth potential for this industry often overlooked by investors.

  5. Video Games

    Another industry that is poised for real gains is the video gaming industry. Once a small backwater of the entertainment sector, video gaming has grown by insane margins. With the explosion of expansive multiplayer online games on Xbox 360 and PS3, along with the ubiquity of Facebook and mobile app games, this industry has really encroached on more traditional forms of entertainment, including television and movies. And the introduction of 3D technology to the sector could spur yet another ascension.

While no one is omniscient about investments, certain sectors hold much promise. In line with the critical buy low, sell high philosophy of investing, finding overlooked industries can help investors get the best returns in sometimes surprising areas of the economy.

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