Hidden Treasure: 4 Things You Own That Are Worth More Than You Think

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Who doesn’t dream of finding a priceless painting in a box in their attic?

While you might not have an undiscovered Van Gogh up there, the great news is that you may have other items taking up space when they could be making you money.

Cash in on that next spring cleaning adventure.

Here are four things that you own that have a lot of potential value.

Hidden Treasure: 4 Things You Own That Are Worth More Than You Think

  1. VHS Tapes

    These rare artifacts can put a nice wad of cash in your pocket. Many VHS tapes never were produced in DVD format, which means collectors are searching them out more aggressively.

    You may want to look through that box of old tapes collecting dust in the basement. Before you throw them away or sell them on the cheap at a garage sale, give them a good look through.

  2. Rare Coins

    Rare coins can be worth tremendous amounts—far more than they were originally intended to be worth. This is partly because of their compositions and partly because of what they’re made of, often silver or other precious metals. For example, a Franklin half-dollar can fetch you as much as 125 dollars.

    Many coin collectors have built up incredible collections worth thousands of dollars. Like anything else, the better condition your coins are in, the more they may be worth. Before you sell rare coins, have them graded. This can help a potential buyer identify the value of the currency so you can get the best offer.

  3. Retro Video Games

    There is a substantial rare gaming market that isn’t just limited to one console. As time progresses, unique items become more desirable from the gaming community.

    If you have any old games, take them to an expert to determine their value. Get the opinion of many sources, including pawn shops. Opt for the best offer, and try to haggle for a higher price.

  4. Clothing

    Chances are you have more clothes than you need. If there are some items you don’t wear much anymore, consider selling them. Many places will pay you for your gently worn items.

    Consignment stores and online retailers are both good options to get the most return. Find out what brands the stores accept before you try to sell your clothes.

    Depending on where you take your clothes, you may be able to haggle. Shoes, belts, and other accessories also have great resale value.

If you need some extra cash, look at what you have there in your home. You should never underestimate the value of your possessions. Buyers are eager to pay serious money for limited supply items.

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