Hiring Managers Struggle To Find Skilled Employees

Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 6:30 AM | 1 Comment

For some hiring managers, there is no recession, never has been. They are looking to hire employees, but they can’t find skilled candidates to fill up their open positions. That’s ironic, ain’t it? But why is that? With so many unemployed, the number is in millions including yours truly, and looking for jobs, how come many positions go unfilled? Skill in a certain trade or discipline is one thing, finding qualified candidates in a certain field is another. For example, certain fields are in what experts call specialized industries – health-care, green technology and energy.

These three industries and probably a couple of others, have been talked about in the presidential debates and hearing the news on a constant basis that the now President and Congress have allocated quite a large sum of money to these disciplines. So why aren’t there enough qualified candidates that can work successfully in these fields? Is it because there is not enough and adequate training available or folks are just not interested?

I have Undergraduate and Masters degrees and on top of that an MBA and I have been unemployed since the first week of November, 2001. I could work in these industries – the ones that employers have difficulty in hiring. And it’s not just me. There are thousands like me with good education, good experience, and good work ethics I might add but they can’t get a job. I suspect maybe because we are over 50 years old. I am 61. That could be it.

The companies not only in the industries where employers can’t fill up the positions, but any company, I should be able to contribute positively in more than one discipline. But I can’t live without my age being attached with me all the time. Another irony is that next year it will get harder and the year after that extremely harder.

Moral of the story
O! you hiring managers. Give us a chance. We are still able and capable to work with our brains. We will not only work harder but also work a lot smarter with less and a lot less fooling around in the office.

My Resume is on the next page.

There is an interesting article Great job openings, no candidates written by Jessica Dickler, CNNMoney.com updated on November 3, 2009. Please read it.

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  2. By Find Business Development Jobs on Nov 5, 2009, 5:43 am | Reply

    Finding a good job can be pretty troublesome. Especially when you have high expectations.

    Here are some tips that helped me land the job of my dreams:

    * You need to have a professional written resume. If you are not an expert, you could consider hiring one.
    * Think about all the jobs you are qualified for. This may lead to discovering additional jobs you could land.
    * Don’t neglect any source of jobs : internet, newspaper, radio and other media. Ask your friends that have similar jobs if there may be an opening in their company.
    * You need to be proactive about this. Don’t just email them, make sure to call the HR department to have them confirm your resume.

    Finding a job is pretty much a job in itself and it’s all about how well can you market your abilities.

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