Home Energy Efficiency: How Your HVAC Unit Can be Costing You Money

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On average, most air condition and HVAC systems will last around 25 years, give or take a few years. This, of course, assumes proper maintenance and care. While these systems will continue to run, keeping them online may not be the best financial decision.

There are many ways in which an old or inefficient HVAC unit can be costing you money.

In the following article, we will discuss some of the different ways in which your HVAC unit can be a money sink.

  • Electricity/Energy Costs

    Over the past decades, there have been leaps and bounds in the efficiency of HVAC systems. A modern HVAC system consumes a fraction of the energy or electricity of models that were built even 10 years ago.

    If one continues to run an older system, you are losing money compared to a newer, more energy efficient HVAC system.

  • Cost of Repairs

    Like all machines, HVAC systems deteriorate over time. Since there are many moving parts involved in running an HVAC system there are many points of failure.

    Every time one of these parts break down it is necessary to replace them. These parts will undoubtedly fail over time.

    As time passes these parts are often not manufactured and become scarcer and more expensive. Both labor and parts costs will also become more expensive over time. Labor due to the fact that fewer technicians will understand the older system and parts due to lack of availability.

  • Health Costs

    While it may not seem like a big factor, your HVAC system can a dramatic impact on your health. The air you breathe contains particulates like dust, skin cells, and various aerosol substances. When your HVAC system is running correctly many of this particulate matter is filtered out.

    Newer systems are better at filtering out particulates and harmful substances in the air. This will help to reduce medical issues in your home that may be caused or exacerbated by your HVAC system.

    When dealing with health issues it is always best to call HVAC professionals like A & E Heating and AC Inc.

Sometimes, saving money is not about penny-pinching- it is about being penny wise as well as pound wise. Depending on your circumstances investing in a newer, updated HVAC system may end up costing you less in the long run.

In order to determine your cost savings calculate your annual energy and repair savings over your current system- this will help you to figure out how long a replacement system will take to pay itself off.

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