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As more and more companies attempt to open their on-site operations safely, one thing rings true: working remotely is here to stay.

Maintaining an organized workspace is essential for any entrepreneur working from home.

Previously, we shared 5 self-care lessons for the entrepreneur. Now we thought we would share some more insights and lessons learned through trial and error over the past year.

Here are six tips for maintaining a more organized and productive remote workspace.

  1. Schedule Strategically

    Working off-site requires just as much care as working on-site. One element that is sometimes kept a little too flexible when you are away from the office is scheduling. Be mindful of meetings and other engagements when planning out your day. If you know in advance that you need to take the kids to school or that you have an appointment with your doctor, make sure you allot time for that in your planner.

    Create realistic deadlines for completing your work tasks. You should also keep in mind any extra time needed for any additional edits that need to be completed before your final deadline. Thinking strategically will help you keep your workload manageable.

  2. Use Technology

    Many cell phone companies can provide you with a mobile hotspot device or turn your phone into one. These are useful in case your WiFi goes out or you are unable to find a fast and reliable connection. You can also input your recently improved schedule on your smartphone to ensure you are always on top of your responsibilities.

    Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day. That’s why we rely on time-savers to make sure we stay on task. Instead of taking time out of your busy day to cook a meal or go shopping, have everything you need delivered to your door with an online delivery app. Forget trying to find that bottle of pain meds or the elusive ingredient hidden in the back of the refrigerator. You will be surprised how much of your time can be consumed by little things like this.

  3. Keep Connected

    Speaking of technology, it is important to use it to stay in touch with not just your loved ones, but your clients and colleagues as well. There are many different business communication tools, like Slack, that help you reach your teammates instantly with loads of chat options and teleconferencing options. Take some time to reconnect with your coworkers, friends, or family. You might see an improvement in morale and productivity if you do.

    Communicating your ideas and pitches to your work contacts is vital to the job, but so is taking a step back from your workload to breathe. Set aside some time to call an old friend or a family member you are unable to see due to social distancing. They will be glad to hear from you, and it will give your mind a break from your duties allowing you to return refreshed.

  4. Clean Environment

    So much of our day is affected by our work conditions. I think we can all agree that a negative workplace plays a factor in our mood. This can be applied to an at-home workspace as well. Keep your desk neat and organized, saving you time from searching for important documents and supplies. The same could be said for organizing your computer’s files, too.

    Make sure wherever you are working that it is a clean and peaceful space. Motivation, drive and focus are just some of the ways a clean workplace can improve productivity. Besides, it gives you an excuse to clean your house if you haven’t already done that twelve times during the pandemic.

  5. Limit Distractions

    Now that your workplace is more organized and tidied up, take a look around. What are some distractions that could keep you from effectively completing your responsibilities? If you are someone who needs sound on while you work, try some music that helps you focus on work. Instead of having the TV on, creating a visual and audible distraction, try a podcast or radio program.

    If you share your living space with family or roommates, at times you may experience interruptions. Pick a spot in your home that is the least distracting, invest in some noise-cancelling headphones, and do your best to focus. It can also help to take short breaks throughout the day to take a walk or visit with your cohabitants.

  6. Stay Professional

    As much as we would all love to complete our workday from the comforts of our bedroom, working from bed may not prove to be the most productive. By treating your at-home workday the same as your on-site workday, you will be in the right mindset to complete your duties. This could include everything from dressing to impress to eating a hearty breakfast. Even something as simple and mundane as combing your hair can make a world of difference on your next company video call.

    It can be easy to be too relaxed in attitude while you are working off-site, as well. Make sure you maintain your integrity and uphold your company’s mission throughout your workday. By keeping your appointments, meeting deadlines, and respecting your clients and peers you will open the door for a more professional mindset.

Working remotely can be a tough adjustment for any entrepreneur. By holding yourself accountable, using your tools to your advantage, and creating a clean and professional atmosphere wherever you are your workflow will be streamlined allowing you to focus on the important tasks at hand.

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