How Baby Boomers Can Sell to Millennials

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There are more than 7.3 millennials living in Canada, making them the fastest growing demographic group since baby boomers.

The odds are that if you’ve got Nanaimo BC real estate for sale, you’ll be marketing to millennials.

Here’s how to make your home attractive to millennials, plus some important bonus tips on successfully marketing and selling your home in Nanaimo to millennial buyers.

  • Why millennials matter

    Millennials were born between 1980 and 2000 and are poised to become the largest generation in Canada as baby boomers age and retire. However, selling your home to millennials can be a bit tricky.

    That’s because they have different attitudes about buying a home in Nanaimo than baby boomers do. By tailoring your selling strategy to match what millennials are looking for, your home will sell faster and at a potentially higher price.

  • Making millennials want to buy your home

    Millennials grew up with the internet, so they’re naturally tech-savvy and also highly educated.

Here are 6 ways to make millennials decide to buy your home from the other Nanaimo BC real estate house listings:

  1. Have your home move-in ready:

    As home prices keep rising, millennials often times find themselves priced out of the real estate market. Making your home for sale move-in ready by doing repairs and updating will entice the millennial buyer.

  2. Make your home easy to socialize in:

    Open spaces where people can gather, mix, and mingle are one of the biggest features millennials are looking for. If your home has smaller rooms, consider hiring a professional home stager to make your floorplan feel more open.

  3. Install wi-fi access throughout:

    Millennials are the first generation to grow up with technology, so they expect internet access for their cell phones, tablets, and lap tops to be accessible any where and at any time. Installing boosters or repeaters is an easy and inexpensive way to improve wi-fi access throughout your entire house.

  4. Use technology for transactions:

    Technology helps everyone stay informed and communicate in real time. Offering mobile apps, virtual tours, and e-signature technologies are three things the best real estate listing agents in Nanaimo provide to millennials buyers.

  5. Go green:

    Eco-friendly features are good for the environment, and they also add value to your home by reducing energy consumption and saving on utility bills. Energy efficient cooling and insulation, low-flush toilets, and ceiling fans help your house go green and attract the millennial home buyer.

  6. Integrate working and living:

    Work-life integration means having home, work, and play within an easy distance from your home. If your house is in a downtown area, make sure to point out the different nearby amenities to millennials buyers. If you’re in the suburbs, get your real estate agent’s advice on what marketing strategies to use that will make the most of what you do have.

Bonus tips on selling to millennials

When selling your home in Nanaimo, it’s important to understand who the target buyer is.

That’s because marketing and selling your home to millennials is much different then selling to baby boomers:

  • Use high quality, professional photos

  • Stage and decorate your home for sale

  • Include modern, quality amenities such as dishwashers, microwaves, washers and dryers

  • Market your home as a DIY project if you don’t have time to do easy upgrades yourself

  • Multifunctional spaces like home offices and open areas highlight features millennials are looking for in a new home

  • Energy efficient, green homes emphasize lower energy consumption and a positive impact on the environment

  • Incorporate infographics into your marketing because it’s much easier to look at an easy-to-understand graphic than read a lot of text when using a cell phone.

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