How Businesses and Fleets can Benefit from Using a Fuel Card

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A fuel card can be an extremely useful addition to businesses that depend on their vehicles to facilitate smooth and efficient operations.

These cards have proven to be a more helpful and better alternative when compared to not using them.

It is important to explore the range of benefits that fuel cards can give to various businesses.

Fuel Discounts

  • Depending on the type of card you select and the size of your fleet, significant savings can be made, especially if you have a large fleet.

  • For example, benefits may include offering fixed prices on a weekly basis, which means that any price fluctuations would not adversely affect your finances. Increases in prices are basically ignored while decreases are refunded.

  • You can also enjoy a wholesale fuel discount that can amount to substantial savings when you have a particularly large fleet.

Easing Administration

With fuel cards, financial benefits go beyond accessing discounted fuel because having a fuel card means that you are not expected to pay at the pump. Fuel costs for a particular week are gathered into a single invoice that is taken out as one direct debit payment a week later. This ensures that you will be spending much less time collating and tracking expense forms to determine exactly who was paying for what.

Similarly, the workforce will not have to worry about writing down the exact amount of fuel was bought or retaining receipts. Everything is tracked via the provider’s site and accounted for on the invoice that is produced according to stringent standards.

Tracking Fuel Usage and Mileage

Fuel cards give you more than an efficient payment system for fuel. Along with the fleet management software provided, fuel cards are also a good way to keep track of your fleet, like how often they stop, where they stop, mileage per gallon and the routes they drive. This means it is a way to make sure your staff remain on track and stay productive through the day as well as giving you way to implement route planning and boost efficiency.

For instance, evaluating the data can help you determine that your fleet can reach certain destinations faster and using less fuel when they take alternative routes will lead to more savings in the long run. These types of tools are an effective way to maximize on your fleet and increase the benefits for your business.

Using a fuel card helps to streamline business operations and management, this gives you more time to focus on more pressing and important matters that you may need to handle in the daily running of your business.

Fleet card benefits include the following:

  • Support from the fuel card provider

  • Exclusive offers for members that include free cards within a specific period of time

  • Dedicated consultants who can understand your requirements


Fuel cards provide a simple and convenient payment solution for drivers, powerful online reporting and management tools, PIN security, control, VAT approved invoices and easy payment, options for fuel companies and networks and potential costs savings. Fuel card benefits are applicable to both small and large companies and different types of fleets.

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