How Can You Save on Your Fuel Expenses?

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If sky high fuel prices are the major reason for your budget imbalance and you are tired of feeding a huge part of your income into your vehicle then you are right place. Unfortunately, it is true that we cannot escape fuel costs entirely, but there are some things which you can follow to cut your fuel expenses and save money.

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Things to consider for making your car more efficient:

You can improve your car efficiency by applying a few changes. You can opt for car finance deals to make these changes…

  • Make sure that your tyres are properly inflated. Deflated tyres lead to drag on the car which means the car needs more fuel, so regularly check the tyre pressure.

  • Remove unnecessary substance from your car. The heavier your car is the more effort is required to accelerate.

  • Remove the roof rack from the car. A roof rack is usually useless and adds winds resistance to a moving car which leads to increase in drag and fuel consumption.

  • Air conditioning in the car uses a huge amount of fuel, so it would be better to only switch the air conditioning on when you really need it; the more fuel efficient way to cool yourself down would be to drive with the windows down.

  • Don’t keep your engine running; switch it off when it’s not in use.

  • Don’t fill completely your fuel tank, as fuel is heavy and completely filling your car increase a lot weight; the less fuel the efficient your car will be.

Things to consider while driving:

You can increase your fuel efficiency by driving smoothly without compromising your top speed. You can cover the same distance in the same time with much lower fuel cost by following these points:

  • Increase the speed gradually and smoothly. Applying more force to the pedal results in more fuel consumption, you can get the same speed by using less force on the pedal and with less fuel loss.

  • Make sure that you are driving in the correct gear. It is advisable to drive in highest gear without labouring the engine.

  • Instead of making use of brake all the time, it will be better to let your car slow down naturally.

  • Know the road you are driving. The more alert you are, the better your moves will be.

Things to consider while paying for fuel:

By following these points you can save money while paying for fuel:

  • Make use of a cash-back credit card. These credit cards pay you back each time you spend on the card. Try to make full monthly payments to repay the card, so that you don’t have to pay interest.

  • If you fail to pay back in full, the interest cost will outstrip the benefits of the card.

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