How Can You Tell When You’ve Found the Right New House for Your Family?

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Your next house will be a home for your children to grow in. It will watch you change through the seasons, and become the setting of some of your fondest future memories.

Buying a new house for your family is so much more than just a purchase. You want this to be the perfect home, so it’s important to check in with yourself as you tour properties and gauge how you feel.

These are a few signs you can rely on to determine whether or not you’ve found the right house for your family.

How Can You Tell When You've Found the Right New House for Your Family?

  • You Immediately See Yourself in It

    The house feels like home before you’ve even seen the entire place. You can picture yourself cooking in the kitchen, imagine exactly where all your furniture would go, and see the kids running in the backyard. It should feel comfortable, and there should be no doubt about whether this house would “work.”

    Some call it intuition, others say it’s a gut feeling. Whatever it is, trust the feeling of being at home and know that it’s a surefire sign you’ve found the right place. However, this won’t happen for everyone.

  • The Whole Family Is on Board

    What happens if you love a house but your partner doesn’t? If you and your spouse are happy but the kids don’t feel comfortable, it’s not a family home. You need to include every member in the home-buying process, which can also help ward off moving anxiety and resistance from children and teens.

    Families make the house a home, so you want to make sure everyone considers this property their first choice. While you might not be able to cater to everyone’s wishes, taking everyone’s needs and wants into account is important. You may be able to reach some compromises that help everyone feel more comfortable with the final decision.

  • It Has the Most Important Must-Haves

    Home buyers can get so picky when it comes to houses that they turn away amazing properties because they’re missing a single amenity on their wish list. When you narrow down your list of essentials, it becomes easier to spot a gem that may just need an updated fridge or a good steam cleaning.

    Home buyers should always ensure their list of wants and needs are kept separate so they can judge a house based on its value and not an idealized image in their head.

    The biggest factors to keep in mind are price and space. If there’s room to expand, upgrade, or add-on to a house, and you’re already imagining what you could do with the place, then it’s a good sign you’re on the right track.

  • You Don’t Want to Look at Any More Houses

    Finding the right house is like meeting the right person. You know it’s early, but you already feel entirely committed. The thought of going to another open house or touring other properties just doesn’t appeal to you; any listings you see online instantly get compared to the house on your mind. Even if it’s only the first or second house you’ve looked at, if you’re not interested in looking at other places, you might have already found the right home for your family.

Go with your gut, and make sure you act fast when you’ve found the right home. Putting in an offer quickly can ensure you don’t miss out on a chance to secure your family’s next home.

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