How Important is Content Marketing?

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To answer the question right away – it’s very important. There’s a lot of talk about blogs, vlogs and Instagram feeds these days and some of it is just a trend and a phase, but some of it refers to an actually useful way to promote a product and a business.

A well-crafted content marketing strategy can put your business above all the competitors and create a bond with the customers that you can’t put a price on.

How Important is Content Marketing 1

  • It increases traffic

    There are a lot of reasons to have a blog. Marketing experts will tell you that you need to control the narrative and think about your business as something more than just a way to make a profit. All of this is true and those reasons should be considered carefully.

    However, the most important reason to have a blog is much more prosaic. Having good content increases your website’s traffic and that’s what’s most important if you use the site to sell your products and offer your services.

  • Adding value

    The content you’re providing should be more than just a way to get people to your site. It should be a kind of productas well – the one you’re offering for free in order to showcase the knowledge and the expertise behind your company. This kind of approach puts a greater pressure on your content marketing team.

    The content needs to add value to those who read it and your company. Every article, video, and photo you post should leave the readers with some new information or an original outlook on your business and industry.

  • Being always present

    Having a constant stream of content come out of your site and apps makes you a steady presence in the lives of your visitors and customers.

    Since most users have more than one mobile device the interactions have to be more frequent and more engaging.

    It’s especially important to have a schedule of posting and stick to it religiously. That way you have ready content for different audiences with different level of expertise and engagement levels. This also means that you need to keep the site up and running always.

    A team of professionals like the ones from WP Perk should be at your disposal at all times to maintain the site and let you actually deal with the business.

  • Your place in the industry

    A blog is a platform for you to engage with the customers but also have a conversation within the industry itself.

    Leave room on the blog for influential people in your industry to share their ideas about the state of the business. This brings traffic and allows you to repay the favor.

    Participating in a conversation about pressing matters facing your competitors and co-workers puts you on a map as something more than just a business person – you’re becoming a leader in the industry.

  • Mix and match

    Digital content should be just a part of your overall strategy. By mixing and matching digital content with advertising used in traditional media you get a fuller and more comprehensive experience.

    The strategies should complement each other and be coordinated. The blog could be used to make printed content more exclusive and sought after. It could also tease live events and make readers actively participate in them.

    With this approach, it’s very important for online content to be aesthetically similar to the rest of your brand and easily associated with it.

Content marketing could really add value to your marketing strategy and business at large. It should be used carefully and within a comprehensive plan.

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