How Mom and Dad Can Make Some Quick Cash in a Pinch

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Once your parents reach retirement age, they may no longer need to work too hard to bring in a paycheck. But they may be looking for ways they still make money simply for their own enjoyment, or to have a little extra to buy gifts for grandchildren.

Here’s a few ways they can make a quick buck doing things they love.

How Mom and Dad Can Make Some Quick Cash in a Pinch

  1. Participate in a Bake Sale

    Who wouldn’t love the taste of fresh homemade cookies or apple pie? If mom or dad have some time on their hands, they should look into setting up a stand to sell baked goods.

    It could be at a local farmer’s market, a church event or another place their local town or county allows. There’s many cases in which non-profits can do it.

    If they plan to run a permanent business selling baked goods, they may need to get approval from appropriate authorities.

  2. Sell Fishing Bait

    Opening up a fish bait and tackle shop is really not that hard to do, and it’s a good way for dad to make a little money if he’s a fishing enthusiast.

    In fact, WikiHow even has a step-by-step guide to doing it that doesn’t require a lot of overhead. He may or may not need to take out loans as large as those listed on that page, but the shop should be setup well to accommodate other fishermen.

  3. Sell a Vehicle for Cash

    If mom or dad have an old vehicle that broke down and is sitting in their yard, you should talk them into selling it.

    Some companies, like U Pull & Pay know that, they may not believe it, but the old saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure is actually true with vehicles.

    Companies like this one will actually make quite high offers for even vehicles that are beat up or only have some engine parts to be salvaged.

  4. Sell Items at Auctions

    There are rummage sales, garage sales and yard sales, but auctions add a little more excitement to it all.

    If mom or dad have a lot of things they want to sell and know friends who do too, an auction sometimes can get them even better prices for antiques or certain items still in good condition.

    Consumer Reports has some tips on what to expect when auctioning off items.

These four ways are probably the best ways for mom and dad to have a little excitement while making a few bucks.

It really doesn’t take much more than having a special hobby or knowing certain arts or crafts that can be turned into items to sell.

Sometimes an investment will have to be made but not always.

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