How Much Do Common Home Repairs Generally Cost?

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Home repairs can take a big bite out of the owner’s budget, so it is important to know what to expect when planning for house and property repairs.

Although costs can vary from one state to the next and in various regions around the country, there are some general expectations about what you will pay for basic repair service.

How Much Do Common Home Repairs Generally Cost

  • Plumbing and Drain Services

    Plumbing problems can range from a leaky faucet to a flooded basement, so costs are sure to vary, depending on the nature and extent of the problem. A typical plumber’s rate may start at around $50 per hour and increase to more than $100 for a service call before any work is done.

    Dealing with plumbing equipment like pipes is common, but water damage cleanup might require service from another type of vendor. Try to get an estimate when placing a call to the plumbing company for assistance.

  • HVAC

    Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning problems are usually handled by HVAC technicians. Most companies handle all these services, but some specialize in some, but not all. If you need heating repair, or if your air conditioner makes strange noises, you will need to contact an HVAC company for assistance.

    A typical home visit and inspection or assessment can run anywhere from $65 to $125, depending on location of the home and the extent of your system. Homes with two furnaces, for example, will require additional time and cost more. New parts and detailed repair services will add to the cost of the bill.

  • Electrical Issues

    Indoor wiring problems, such as an electrical outlet that doesn’t work or one that shoots sparks, can often handled in a routine house call by a licensed plumber. However, if parts are needed or the problem is extensive, the costs can mount quickly.

    An average plumber’s home repair visit cost might fall between $60 and $150, depending on the amount of time spent on the repair. Outdoor electrical work, such as a downed wire, is generally handled by another type of contractor from the electrical company, and that cost may or may not be covered by home owner’s insurance.

While there are undoubtedly professional home repair technicians whose fees are lower or higher than the amounts mentioned above, homeowners might expect to pay somewhere within the estimated range above. Discounts and sale pricing are sometimes available. Plan emergency home repairs in your budget and be prepared.

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