How Much Does a Typical Truck Driver Earn?

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It is very common for people to compare salaries of various employees; either to know where they stand in the earning or simply to be informed.

Most people do often wonder how much a typical trucker earns, given the tough work conditions as well as the vagabond life they lead.

Firstly, to classify all truck drivers into a single category is a big mistake.

Discussed below are the typical roles that truckers have.

  • Solo Driver

    This is the most common of drivers. They usually drive short haul trucks and more or less lead very predictable lives. Most such drivers are home based, in the sense that they return to their homes at the end of the working day.

  • Team Driver

    Most team drives consist of a pair of drivers and the driving duty is alternated between the two people. Most long distance trucks are operated by such drivers.

    When one driver is resting the other takes the wheel. Most overnight truck operators are of this variety. It is thus possible to traverse large distances in this mode of operation.

    These drivers are never fixed to any single location and most times have minimal contact with their homes and families.

  • Dedicated Driver

    These are people in the employ of firms and companies that utilize transport. Most company entitlements like medical coverage, insurance policies and matter of such nature are applied to these set of drivers.

    Even if an out of station trip is necessary, the employing firm makes all arrangements for their stay and food at the new venue.

    Here the trucker salary is complemented by the benefits that regular employment brings. There is not the worry of not having a job to do as the company would find a suitable journey at the end of each trip.

  • Trainer Driver

    These are people that have quit the regular driving jobs to train people in handling trucks. The vast experience that was gathered through the countless years of toil would now be paid back. There are also corporate bodies that use the services of trainers to keep their work force in top condition.

  • Owner Operator

    When the truck driver and the truck owner happen to be the same person, then they are called as owner operator or owner driver. It is usually the ambition of most young drivers to get to own the trucks that they drive.

    The years of toil that would have saved them a good packet ensure that most drivers can make this dream come true. With the owner driver, the freedom of being own boss is unmatched by any other emotion.

Thus we see that there are different types of truckers that applying a uniform salary range for the entire lot is actually a mistake. The more of a vagabond life that the driver leads, the better is usually the pay package.

Not everyone can get to be an owner driver and not everyone is conditioned to be their own boss. Thus the initial years that are spent on the job ensures the right temperament to handle the different types of roles available.

  • Different Components of Pay

    Usually, with employees the pay is not just a flat packet. There would be breakdown into the various entitlements like Rent Allowance, Performance Bonuses, Festival Allowances, etc.

    Most company employed drivers also enjoy free medical insurance and life coverage too. Although these items can be had at the individual level for anybody willing to pay the premium, it often does not happen so.

    Contingencies are not planned for by individuals and often accidents on the road can be very disruptive events in the lives of independent drivers. No amount of emphasis can be laid on the need to be fore warned.

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