How Much Money You Can Save By Having a Garden

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You’ve always loved digging in the dirt. You have a green thumb. It’s easy for you to help plants to grow on your property.

You spend the winter months planning out where you will plant your flowers. You also enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables to put on your table.

When you are ready to start thinking about the next growing season, consider how much money you could save when you grow your own food.

Not only will your fresh produce taste better, but it will also mean more money in your wallet.

How Much Money You Can Save By Having a Garden

  • Stop Paying the Grocery Store for the Vegetables You Love

    When you look at your average grocery bill, you could currently be paying nearly $7000 at your local supermarket. This number may be higher if you tend to shop for organic foods that are not processed.

    The fact is healthy food costs more money. In light of the pandemic and the panic buying in grocery markets, your weekly bill may have spiked even higher. It’s time to think about homegrown food. If you are tired of paying nearly $800 a year on your produce, you can plant it yourself.

    Begin by setting aside six hundred square feet. If you don’t have that much property yourself, make it a joint effort with your neighbor. City living doesn’t have to end your dreams of gardening. You may be able to plant on the roof of your building or you could check into creating a community garden. A garden of this size will cost you less than a hundred dollars.

    If you plan strategically and take good care of your garden, you could produce vegetables that are worth six times your initial investment. You are likely to have so much food, you won’t be able to eat it all. You can blanch vegetables before freezing them or can them. You can also set up a farm stand. In the end, you could completely eliminate the produce portion of your grocery bill.

  • Think of the Long-Term Benefits

    When you plant your own food, you can stash potatoes for months to come. You will have canned or frozen goods that will save you spending money on gas to go to the store. You can also invest your energy in plants that will yield food for you for many years.

    While it’s true that fruit trees will take several years to bear fruit, they’ll be well worth it when your orchard puts your favorites on your table. Imagine having fresh cherries, plums, pears, and apples every year. The flavor can’t be beaten. You’ll have the fixings for tasty desserts. A healthy snack will be growing right outside your door. Make jams and canned fruits to enjoy nature’s bounty. You’ll be spending even less money at your local store. If you plant enough trees, you’ll have another money maker for your farm stand. Add jams and pies to bring loyal customers to your door.

  • You Can Get a Jump on Your Garden at Any Time of Year

    Most people won’t start growing their gardens until the spring. You can begin with seed trays in the house in the middle of winter. Take it a step farther by making a heated greenhouse. Your plants will be flourishing in the cold months.

    You can plant outside once the conditions are optimal. You can also bring potted plants into your greenhouse in late fall to keep vegetables on your table when the temperatures drop. Your friends and neighbors will be coming to you for your fresh favorites.

If you are serious about having a garden, plan it out. Figure out what you need to plant at different times of year to have a steady run of vegetables. Don’t forget to include fruit trees in your garden. Start keeping track of your grocery bill once your garden rewards you. Between your fresh produce and what you preserve, you should see considerable savings.

If you are savvy about what you sell, you could even see a profit. Best of all, you will enjoy the best vegetables you ever had. Nothing can compare with the food that you produced with your own hands. You’ll appreciate what you put in your mouth when you helped it grow.

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