How Network Security Can Save Your Company Money

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Investing in network security may represent a cost that your business has to bear.

However, it can actually save your company money in the long run. Let’s take a look at how securing your company’s network is the less expense option to pursue.

  • Don’t Worry About Someone Stealing Your Intellectual Property

    You don’t necessarily get special treatment just because you thought of something or created something first.

    Unless your product or content is trademarked or copyrighted at a federal level, it could be ripped off by a competitor or at least used as the basis for a similar creation.

    Insufficient network security is a prime reason why new companies may have their ideas stolen either directly or by third-parties who then report to a competitor.

    If your ideas are stolen and copied, it could cost a lot of time and money litigating your infringement claim.

  • Don’t Worry about Lawsuits after Customer Information Is Stolen

    If a customer’s identity is stolen, it could cause significant financial damage to that customer.

    Ultimately, your company will be responsible for paying some or all of those damages if it is found that inadequate network security led to a data breach.

    Therefore, using service providers such as Bedrock IT, an IT service in Ottawa, can prove to be an effective investment that will pay dividends in the future by reducing the odds of litigation related to identity theft.

    It is also important to note that any such lawsuit may bring negative publicity to the company, which may take months or years to overcome.

  • Don’t Worry about Your Site Going Down and Losing Sales

    These days, a tangible percentage of a company’s income is derived from online marketing.

    If your site is down, it is impossible to make sales or find leads for future sales. This means that your company could lose thousands of dollars even if your site is down for a few hours.

    Investing in network security can reduce the odds that your site is hacked or otherwise comes down because of security concerns.

    Even if your company doesn’t make money though online sales, it could still lose money if a loss of traffic results in a loss of advertising or other revenue.

Network security should be seen as a mandatory expenditure now and for as long as the company is in operation.

Protecting against cyber theft or other online security issues means that you are always available when your customers need you, which will be seen as a positive for your brand.

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