How Not To Finance Your Death

Friday, April 19, 2013, 1:00 AM | 2 Comments

WARNING: Some folks might find this post offensive.

Christmas day comes and goes – every year on time. When you read this article, think about what Jesus did in regards to financing death. He did Nothing!

I read so many blogs and websites telling folks what to do when your loved ones expire, never to come back again. They all explain how to finance death step-by-step.

I come from a third world country where people do not finance death. You might say it’s ignorance on their part. You might say they have not adopted the ways of the modern world.

How Not To Finance Your Death

So be it. Let the chips fall where they may. Many folks get into debt because their loved ones died unexpectedly without taking care of their death before they got out of their miseries in this life.

Even if they had insurance for the purpose of going into their graves or be cremated, that is definitely a waste of money. But America was built on spending money especially wasting it.

You might say the third world have not tried to develop the institutions for the following businesses:

  • the-dead-must-have-insurance,
  • the-dead-must-remain-in-morgue-for-days,
  • the-dead-must-remain-in-funeral-home,
  • the-dead-must-wear-a-tuxedo,
  • the-dead-must-be-made-up,
  • limousine service to bring the dead who can’t feel a thing,
  • the-dead-must-be-buried-by-the-cemetery-folks,
  • the-alcohol-for-loved-ones-left-behind
  • and we can go on and on.

These are all big businesses and they are obviously in it for the money. The more you spend extravagantly, the happier the businesses are. 99.9% of Americans fall for this pit shit.

You are supporting these businesses and for what, to get into debt for them? You are competing with other consumers how to fill their financial bellies more. Give me a break. Grow up and smell the roses.

Seven years ago we were living in a neighborhood where we lived for more than 20 years. Our neighbor died, grandfather to my daughter’s friend. I showed up at the funeral home in my casual clothes. No suit no formality.

The next day I showed up in the cemetery for burial. The guy’s daughter was so happy to see me and my daughter. She didn’t even look at my clothes, my shoes. She was happy at my presence. That’s all.

  • Stand up for your rights before you die

    Stand up for your rights or better yet know your rights before you are six feet under and nobody can hear you then. I ask everybody just one single question.

    Was Jesus buried in a simple shroud of cloth and laid to rest on floor of the naked earth? If he was, then why don’t you guys just stop for a moment and start following Jesus?

    You think your preacher and reverend would want that. They would be out of business in no time. You think all those businesses for which you got in debt would want that. Not for a minute. Nope, Nope, Nope.

    So then you are not in control of your finances. These businesses are just after your money.

    Humans have always followed traditions, whether it’s good for them or bad. Why not stop for a moment and get the bad traditions out of our lives, especially the ones that affect our personal finances directly and for the worse.

  • Stop filling big businesses financial bellies…

    You are filling pockets of funeral homes, morgues, preachers and are getting into debt. That’s probably the stupidest thing anyone can do to their finances.

    Whomever follows these customs (like Black Friday, buying Christmas gifts til they die financially) and then complain about what they did to get into debt should be ashamed of themselves.

    In the Western World in general and the United States in particular, we live our lives for others, not for ourselves. That’s why so many (millions) of folks are in debt up to their neck. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have done it so I must as well without thinking whether it’s right or wrong.

    Of course, there is ego involved and folks give the impression that they are richer than anybody has ever believed. Those are the people that complained the most as well.

  • Raise questions…

    Raise serious questions in your town meetings, to your city councilman and to all those that are responsible for these atrocities that have been imposed upon American public by these businesses.

    American people have been brainwashed. Get out of your capsule and complain to these businesses that you are mad as hell and you are not gonna take it any more.

In a Nutshell
Bury your dead yourself like folks used to do and not too long ago I might add. They were Christians and who knows may have been better Christians.

Funeral homes, morgues and other such places were niche businesses that have turned into mainstream businesses. Raise your voice if you have nontraditional senses left in your brain.

Listen to Howard Beale AKA Peter Finch

Mad as hell



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