How product reviews help your e-commerce business

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The internet has chock full of ways to market your business. One of them is product reviews of your e-commerce venture.

Here are some facts in which product reviews can help you promote your online business.

How product reviews help your e-commerce business

  • The Benefits of Online Reviews for Ecommerce Stores

    Whenever people set themselves out in buying stuff on the internet, they always check out product reviews. In fact, almost all of the online retailers know that this is going to happen so they always prepare their marketing strategies with product reviews in them.

    They base these on some particular statistics. Here are some of them:

    • Around 70% of online shoppers look at customer feedback right before making their final choice.

    • Websites that have product ratings and customer reviews have a 63% chance of booking a sale from customers.

    • Before making their final decision, more consumer read through about 6 to 7 product reviews first.

    • Almost 80% percent of online customers rely on customer reviews just like the way they depend on recommendations.

    • The power of negative reviews has had a strong effect on about 80 percent of customers.

      3 out 4 reviews found on the internet provide positive feedback. About 71 percent of consumers feel comfortable with their purchases after basing their decision on product reviews.

    All of these only show the big impact of reviews has caused.

    61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and they are now essential for e-commerce sites.

    There is so much proof that reviews help boost sales figures to the top. This will certainly influence any customer to support your product.

    Here are some reasons why these reviews are so important.

    • Product reviews have had a positive effect on the performance of ecommerce as a whole. Sites like shopify ecommerce reviews have affected the minds and decision making of a lot of online customers.

    • The main effect is seen in the engagement and conversion stats that they have produced. These sites have the potential to sway a customer away from a certain product to another one. The truth is that a lot of people rely on these and for good reason. They want the best buy that they can have.

  • The SEO benefits of reviews

    Creating engagement and conversion may be the main purpose of product reviews. However, one should not forget the fact that it also helps the performance of ecommerce companies when it comes to search engine optimization.

    Here are some of the benefits:

    • It offers unique content for search engines. Search engines have spiders programs that look into the content of websites. These favor new content which is often found in customer reviews.

    • Customer review can provide the main difference from the main description of the manufacturer. This will put more purpose into these pages for customers looking for info about the product. In line with this, it also makes the website perform better in Search Engine Results Page.

    • Product reviews play an important role of customers decision making and ultimate purchasing actions. In fact technology product reviews gather about 64 percent of consumers to read them before they make the final decision.

    • One of the things that customer do is type in the product name and the word review in the search engine box. This will improve the ranking of that product they are looking for. If your ecommerce business has product reviews in your website, you have a very good chance of getting this customer to your site.

  • Increased CTR on results pages

    A well made product review content can result into better click through results from the search engine results page. Better click through rate happens when more customers click your site after seeing it on the result page.

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