How Should You Find a Good Platform for Investing in ICO?

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Initial coin offering or ICO is the hottest new cryptocurrency in town. Bitcoins and Ether look like oldies in front of ICO, since it is much more dynamic.

The market of ICO is broad, and it grows much faster as compared to other altcoins. You can view it as an unregulated and decentralized digital token, which startups and app developers are using as means of crowdfunding.

It is a new cryptocurrency blockchain that has long surpassed the value and craze of bitcoins.

  • What is the latest in cryptocurrency?

    Modern ICOs are a little bit different from the primitive ones. Entrepreneurs and marketers organized ICOs for funding the development of an actual blockchain or currency.

    While the modern crypto ICO is intricate as well as elaborate. It is inclusive of discrete budgets for several company segments including growth and marketing.

    Right now, when you invest in an ICO, your amount of the supply will be locked down for a significant period. Most commonly, you will see a one-year lockdown period for most of the supplies. It ensures fair returns and adequate profits for all shareholders.

    It is a revolutionary time for the FinTech industry.

    The ICOs are here to change the way we look at industry financing and the relationship of tech to finance.

    Most of the initial ICO projects relied on the Ethereum blockchains directly. This banks on a transparent financial ecosystem, which comes from a tried and tested formula. It involves a lot of algorithms and changes, which undoubtedly factor in all the parameters that define the value of the crypto currency.

  • What is an ICO calendar and list?

    You can invest in ICO from various platforms. While some of them are quite user-friendly, others might take you down an unpleasant trip on the darker side of the web.

    You need to find reliable sites that use transparent transaction methods.

    Ideally, any ICO tracker should come with three status indicators.

    1. Coming: This is to indicate any upcoming sale. The dates have been fixed, but the sale has not started yet.

    2. Running: This says the Token Sale is ongoing.

    3. Over: To signify the end of all token sales.

    There should also be a separate column for “Funds raised” and “Funds needed,” so the investors can see how much moolah has gathered against the prerequisite amount.

  • How to find a good ICO investment platform?

    In general, the ideal platform has a collection of different companies and their descriptions along with their status for public viewing.

    You are free to explore any business. Run a background check and then just get an expert opinion on the account before investing your hard-earned money.

    An ICO calendar is supposed to help you find the next big ICO in FinTech town.

    Now, your chosen site should only have high-quality fundraiser projects. Not all projects are reliable, and your platform should have the filtering system to tell a good, rewarding project from a fraud one.

    Another characteristic of a good ICO, is if you can verify the info about the team behind the project. So take for example the upcoming HydroMiner ICO. It is a eco-friendly cloud mining ICO, that will rent out hydro power station.

    So, let us say, that you like the idea, then you start to check the whole team and advisory board; usually on LinkedIn. It seems for example, that HydroMiner is going to launch in Austria, so make sure to check if the people managing this ICO are really from Austria and have the needed skills to make this ICO successful – engineering and blockchain know-how.

    If the people seem to be “real” and not fictional characters, then you have green-light to dig in deeper and maybe consider investing.

  • Is ICO damaging your financial health?

    You will come across sites that list about a 100 different company ICOs that are up for grabs. However, they do not tell you which ones are already making money.

    Now, these are the sites you need to stay away from. Always work with platforms that offer a degree of transparency.

    Since these projects are synonymous with charitable fundraisings in altcoins, they “do not involve the buying and selling” of shares of a private or public company.

    There are a few projects that will give you access to pre-paid cards. These hold big promises like liquefying your crypto currency savings and get you into the MasterCard or Visa network. Be extremely careful of such projects.

    In most cases, these campaigns are working near the dark market commerce. Decentralization of the blockchain hardly helps the cause of the investor.

  • Always read between the lines

    You need to be careful about the repayment and refund terms. There may be projects, which do not reach their expected funding limit. Technically, you should get your invested coins (monies) back since the project cannot move forward.

    However, it is not uncommon to come across unscrupulous companies, which do not refund their investors if a “fundraiser” falls through.

    Therefore, you need a system that indicates how much funding is coming through during the ongoing campaign.

    ICO fraud does happen. Ever since the DAO fiasco last year, people have become excessively cautious. Especially since ICO does not have government regulation (unlike IPO), it seems like a high-risk investment.

    A significant portion of your investment stays locked in for over a year, and there is no intermediary to assure you of your impending payments.

    However, that just makes ICOs more dynamic. It gives ample scope to the ICO market to grow and the value of ICOs to skyrocket beyond human imagination.

  • ICO is the smart way to invest

    Up until mid-2017, the value of sold ICOs has gone north of $250 million. Of that amount, about $170 million flowed in during this year, making many crypto-investors, gamers and crypto-researchers millionaires in real life.

    The transparent ecosystem may not let you in into the complicated working of the valuation of the new altcoin, but it does allow you to predict the market a little bit more accurately than any other contemporary cryptocoins.

    It is similar to the history of Ether and bitcoins. As of May 2017, the value of bitcoins touched over $2300 (USD).

    Teenagers and online gamers, who had invested in bitcoins back when it was close to $0.50, are indeed having the time of their lives. It does not mean the value will never depreciate. It just means you should buy in as long as the high and the hype last so that you can enjoy in the future.

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