How Solar Energy is Saving Money for Households Everywhere

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There is a lot of hype surrounding solar energy panels for homes, but it can be difficult to understand all of the technical information.

However, one thing everyone can understand is that solar energy is saving money for homeowners, and this may be the sole reason that you are seeking them as a solution.

Fortunately, modern solar panels are not as high-tech and difficult for homeowners to operate as they were in the past, and the best part is that you can guarantee you see a big difference in the amount of money you spend on your household bills each year.

  • Eligible for tax rebates in some cities and states

    In many cases, homeowners find that there are some upfront savings available from tax rebates. In addition to ones offered at the federal level, there are sometimes city and state rebates for installing solar panels on a home.

    While the amount may vary, there is an opportunity to collect the rebate at three levels of the taxation system, and other grants may be available from your local community.

  • Gives your utility bill a credit instead of debit

    If you are unfamiliar with solar panels, you may not be aware that the extra energy they produce that your home does not use will be filtered back through your electric meter to the utility company.

    Depending on the area you live, some utility companies will give you a credit on your bill for the solar energy you sold to them while others give you cash.

    Regardless, you may find some months are more productive than others depending on how much you use your home and the amount of sunlight outside.

  • Reduces UV rays on rooftop

    One indirect benefit of having solar panels on top of your roof is using them as a shield. When they are sitting on top of the roof and collecting the sun’s rays, they are also blocking the sun from the top of the roof.

    When the roof is warm because it has been exposed to the sun all day, that heat can be transferred into your home and cause you to need more utility power to cool it.

  • Reduces snow on your roof

    Depending on the area of the country you live, your solar panels could be installed with heaters. This means that snow will not affect the ability of your solar panels to work efficiently when it is snowing outside.

    Of course, too much snow on a roof can cause it to collapse or have other types of damage, and solar panels reducing that situation means fewer repairs to pay for in the future.

  • Can improve resale time and value of your home

    Many homeowners now want to have solar panels installed in their home, and if they see yours is for sale and already has them in place, they will be more likely to purchase your home instead of others.

    In the modern real estate market, this could mean your home sells in less than six months instead of sitting on the market for more than a year.

    Being able to quickly sell your home is also important to some property owners because owning two homes at the same time can affect the amount of personal income taxes that will be paid.

  • Home business may become eligible for LEED certification

    Do you promote a green image in your community and want to participate in the LEED certification program? Getting a home prepared for LEED certification can involve many steps, and solar energy panels can be one of them.

    In addition to installing solar energy products for personal reasons, homeowners that see clients in their home for business or therapeutic services may also want to get the LEED certification for professional reasons.

  • Need more help understanding solar energy panel installation?

    If you still have questions about the nuts and bolts of installing solar energy panels at your home, give us a call today. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have, and we look forward to meeting with you.

    Thank you in advance for choosing us as your solar energy panel resource.

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