How Surge in Mobile Use Drives the Evolution of Marketing and SEO

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The winds of change sweep across the digital marketing landscape, coming from a direction of a booming mobile market. Namely, mobile marketing is already huge and it is only going to get bigger.

The usage of smartphone and other portable devices is reaching an all-time high and mobile penetration is increasing.

By 2020, mobile ad spending will even overtake the total TV spending. Therefore, it is essential to develop a deeper understanding of how people use their mobile devices when consuming content, seeking information, or purchasing products.

How Surge in Mobile Use Drives the Evolution of Marketing and SEO

  • Revolution on the go

    Not everyone is over the moon with it, but we are definitely witnessing the dawn of the new marketing age.

    Mobile has managed to overtake the long-reigning king, fixed desktop internet. New generations are practically born with a smartphone in hand and they see it as a device of choice, a real hub of daily life.

    It is estimated that an average user spends around 3 hours and 15 minutes with eyes glued to the screen.

    On the other hand, the time spend on other media is steadily decreasing for years. The implications are profound and far-reaching. Marketers and SEO experts have to adapt to the brave new world in which mobile is the first, go-to screen.

    In fact, regardless of whether you are an e-commerce business, personal brand, blogger, B2B organization, or service-based company, mobile friendliness and optimization are on the top of the list of priorities.

  • A million dollar question

    Is it really worth it to bother with the complex SEO tactics and marketing techniques? Well, ranking #1 gives you an impressive click-through-rate of 23.5%. Also, nearly half of all users start their internet endeavors using search engines.

    Besides, many companies are realigning their marketing dollars and rethinking and SEO and marketing strategies. So, when trying to rise above the competition you cannot afford to ignore the mobile.

    It is as clear as a day that Google should be the focus of your mobile SEO efforts, as it drives 96% of search traffic. Not surprisingly, their share in mobile in mobile paid ad clicks is just one percent lower.

    So, the crucial question becomes what does the online top tog want? Another crucial question, which is closely linked to Google’s aspirations, is what the user wants from a mobile experience.

  • Optimal performance

    Well, what is certain is that the mobile pages need to load fast. If that does not happen within 3 seconds, the page is abandoned in the majority of instances.

    The search engine behemoth has also come forward with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, which will make loading speed even more important.

    Those who want to capitalize on this trend have to adhere to APM Project specifications and guidelines.

    Furthermore, mobile-friendliness of websites is the name of the game. This quality mostly refers to how functional and responsive web design is. It is a method to overcome the noise and friction that long used to plague mobile user experience.

    Namely, to maximize the volume of traffic, one cannot design a website with solely desktop in mind. And to get an idea of how well-optimized your site is, you can use Google’s tools or another SEO grader or crawler.

  • Riding the crest of the wave

    The ultimate goal, of course, is to not only draw people in, but also retain their attention.

    Bloggers, for instance, focus on increasing the readability or make their content more “digestive”. For everyone else, one of the most important trends to recognize is that the mobile time is mostly app time.

    Mobile web occupies only 50 minutes of daily mobile usage, while only 20 minutes are spent on social media.

    Finally, another thing to note is that searches with local intent are on the rise. They are also growing much faster than mobile searches in total, giving marketers a lot to think about.

    Hence, many of them are investing more in locally-targeted ads to get the most bang for their buck, while Google is giving more weight to local map ads.

    Always try to anticipate and make the most of the prominent trends and online success will not be far away.

  • A new medium of focus

    Consumers are spending more and more time on mobile and that is marketers and brands need to be.

    The usage is going through the roof on a global scale and where the eyeballs go the money is soon to follow.

    Many are those who are still figuring out how responsive their pages are to different screen sizes as well as cost-effective ways of improving that.

In any event, delivering lightning-fast, seamless browsing is what it takes to get ahead of the curve. Rest assured that mobile is here to stay.

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