How Taking Your Business Mobile Can Be Affordable

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2020 was a flagship year for eCommerce. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many brick-and-mortar businesses switched to digital whether they wanted to or not. Surprisingly, the results turned out well for many of them.

So much so they abandoned their physical locations and took their businesses mobile. Perhaps this is something you want to consider as well.

Though the pandemic will end, the way people make purchases won’t change.

Over sixty percent of consumers make purchases via their smartphone. That number is bound to increase.

Here are a few more reasons why taking your business mobile can be affordable.

How Taking Your Business Mobile Can Be Affordable

  • It Eliminates Overhead

    Going mobile means you no longer need office space. Or, at least not as much as you once did. There are situations where it’s still needed.

    For instance, if your managers need to be available at the manufacturing plant for your product. In another situation, you may need an office area to handle accounts payable and payroll. For the latter, you can lease a smaller space instead of a huge building or one floor.

  • It Encourages You To Create A Mobile App

    You can’t go mobile unless you have a mobile application ready to go. If you don’t have one now, then you’re losing revenue. Industries with these apps are estimated to make close to $190 billion in 2020.

    So, you want to learn how to build a mobile app. Even if you don’t use a do-it-yourself platform like The creation of a mobile app isn’t simply another revenue source. It’s a way to provide easy access to consumers who spend more time on their smart devices than ever before. Even when the events of 2020 settle down customers will rely more on their mobile devices than computers.

    On top of that, a mobile app can incentivize purchases more easily. Instead of sending a coupon via an email link, bonuses can be retrieved directly from the app via a QR code or barcode. It’s much simpler for the customer to bring up the app than searching for an email.

  • You Can Work From Anywhere

    You no longer need to be tied down to one location when your business goes mobile. As long as you have a stable internet signal you can work from anywhere. Nothing stops you from subleasing your apartment or selling your home and traveling around the country.

    In fact, taking your business mobile increases productivity among your employees. Despite the daily tasks they have to handle when it comes to family, employees who switched to a work-from-home status during the COVID pandemic were shown to be more productive daily. If they’re able to travel at the same time, their relaxation increases as does their happiness.

  • It Can Increase Your Technology Budget

    Since you reduce your overhead by the sale of an office building and its materials, you have extra money to feed into your technology budget. This is a boon to you at the digital and physical levels.

    Added income for the latter means you can incorporate updated mechanisms to your production machines. Perhaps you link them all via the Internet of Things (IoT). You can also incorporate artificial intelligence into the production line for increased productivity and a reduction of employee injury.

    At the digital level, you can use the funds to upgrade your existing website and mobile app. You might bring on developers to streamline the user interface and user experience (UI and UX) so they smoothly work together. Meanwhile, the mobile app can be enhanced with a few more bells and whistles that your customers have asked for.

As you see, there are numerous advantages to taking your business mobile. Of course, you can’t simply shut down the organization and move it online. It takes time and a plan to make it happen. Particularly if you want to make it a permanent operation.

Overall, work efficiently to shutdown physical entities so the loss of data or connection is minimized. It’s the best way to ensure continued productivity during the transition.

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