How to Avoid Catastrophic Debt After an Auto Accident

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If you have recently been in an auto accident with an uninsured driver who was at fault, you may be wondering how you’re going to pay for all your car repairs and medical bills.

You may be even more stressed out if the auto accident caused medical problems that warranted medical leave from your job.

With no money coming in, it’s a very real possibility that you could incur debt.

    How to Avoid Catastrophic Debt After an Auto Accident

    However, there are ways to avoid debt, even with an uninsured motorist at fault.

  • First Steps After an Accident

    Be sure to follow due process right after an accident. Stay put, call the police, take pictures, and get as much information from the driver as possible.

    If they don’t have a driver’s license, get their phone number and physical address. Take down information about their car, including make and model and the license plate number.

    Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. If you need to go to the doctor, contact your medical insurance and all medical providers who treat you and tell them about your situation.

    Be sure to follow up with the health insurance company about claims so they don’t lapse without your knowledge and go into collections.

    Bills in collections can swiftly lead to mounting debt, which should be avoided at all costs.

    After you’ve notified all parties involved, take extra precautions to save and file your mail so nothing gets lost.

    And read up on your insurance benefits to double-check what you’re covered for and what’s not covered. This will help you plan financially to avoid debts.

  • Seek Legal Help

    When the other motorist is uninsured, you can’t simply call their insurance company to have them pay for your medical and car repair bills.

    Without legal help from Groth Law Firm in Milwaukee or a firm in your locale, you may have to pay for everything out of pocket.

    Luckily, you have two options to help you out.

    1. File an Uninsured Driver Claim

      Sometimes you can file an uninsured driver claim with your insurance company, as long as you have uninsured driver insurance.

      This option essentially files a claim against your own company, which may pose problems. If you can’t agree on a price, you may have to go into arbitration.

    2. Sue the Uninsured Driver

      Another legal option is to sue the uninsured driver for cash. Because they don’t have an insurance company to pay you, cash from them is the next best thing.

      However, this option is not always viable unless your lawyer can prove that the motorist has the means or assets to pay.

      Either way, call a local lawyer who specializes in uninsured motorist lawsuits and other accident-related legal matters. They can help you move forward with your life, debt-free.

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