How to Become an Essential Member of Your Community? Pay Your Taxes!

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Many citizens of the United States dislike how our legislature follows through with procedural activities, yet paying little respect to legislative issues.

All of us can concur that the things our taxes pay for create opportunities and are necessities for our daily lives.

To ensure that we are provided with the proper facilities, benefits, services, amenities, and supplies, we pay taxes as communities to join our united funds together and provide for our communities.

These are essential elements needed for ourselves, our children, and our neighbors.

Knowing what our taxes provide for our communities, why do many Americans go to such great lengths to limit the amount of taxes they are responsible for paying? It is all of our obligation to provide the necessary funds for the advancement of our communities, and by ignoring these allegiances, it becomes our failing in the event our communities lag behind others, or have shortcomings compared to other regions.

Paying your part in community taxes should be viewed as an outstanding commitment to your city and country, giving many opportunities to create a better world.

Rather than accepting taxation processes and understanding that what’s taken for taxes is redispersed as opportunities and government amenities for the people, many choose to instead pay as little income tax as possible and hold out on their community.

Americans sometimes lie on their taxation documents. They lie about gifts they’ve made, shroud cash in offshore accounts, create false donation claims, and hire costly bookkeepers whose main job is to ensure as little money as possible is given back to their client’s communities.

For what reason is this viewed as a smart thing to do? To hold on to funds and cheat your communities out of your fair share of the provisions needed for the amenities you and your family also use. These funds are providing essential benefits and programs in which we all utilize and profit from.

Without those funds received by your community from your income taxation, there will be no medical services, training and education, national defense, veteran care, or any other services provided by the United States Government, which they facilitate using your tax dollars!

How are Tax Dollars Spent in Your Community?

Although the numbers and percentages of funding towards your community may seem low, 3% of your tax dollars go to educating and training yourself and your children, that 3% adds up if everyone contributed their fair share of income taxation into their communities.

Veterans’ benefits make up 5% of tax dollar usage, while 25% of our tax dollars go to the United States Defense.

Another 25% of our tax dollars are used for the healthcare of the millions of American citizens and their families who contribute to the system. 19% provides security of family and finances to American families, while 9% goes towards the accumulated interest on our national debt. The remaining 14% of tax funds provide for anything else a community requires or towards the advancement of the community provision.

There are other areas in our country which our tax dollars provide for, such as the environment, natural resources, and energy management and conservation, international affairs, science and space, and technology programs.

Within that 14%, NASA, law enforcement, and administrations of justice are funded. Also funded is our agriculture, regional, community and city development.

If you find yourself complaining about the infrastructure and architectural design of your community, maybe you should inspire and convince your community members to ensure to provide necessary funding for development through paying their fair share of taxes.

Now that you understand where your tax money is going and how it’s being used, it’s time to make up with Uncle Sam and resolve any taxation issues you or a loved one has accumulated.

Contact a tax professional or the IRS and find out about IRS Fresh Start.

  1. Call or Contact an IRS Agent or Officer

    You can directly contact the IRS for your first step in ensuring you are providing your fair share to the community you live in. When you reach them, make sure that your account does not have any penalties, outstanding tax obligations or missing information.

    If you are notified of such things, revenue officers can assist you in resolving any issues that may be present in your financial information. They can also help you with your ability to pay and may provide collection alternatives for you.

  2. Learn about payment programs and other options the IRS provides to taxpayers

    Taxpayers unable to cover regulatory tax expenses, fees, or penalties, ought to ask about their qualifications to take an interest in the IRS’ offer in trade program – yet be in position to provide them with documentation to back up your claims of monetary hardship; this can be provided in the form of bank statements and bank documents.

  3. Hire a licensed professional

    With the exception that you owe a generally small amount and you are sure you can pay it off in a moderately brief amount of time, the best thing to do to get back on Uncle Sam’s good side is to get a legitimate financial professional or advisor.

    There are bookkeepers, accountants, tax attorneys and specialists that guarantee to make the process easier and less of a headache when dealing with the IRS.

    Citizens receive the most significant advantage with the IRS when they are honest and straightforward about their situations and provide them with a professional to speak with on their behalf.

Taxes have been frowned upon by many Americans, but possibly with further financial education, and if they understand where the money goes, we can begin the advancement and development of this great country together. We can do this by equally contributing to improvement, growth, and progress in the evolution of the United States of America.

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