How to Beef up Your Security Through Spy Cam Techno

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Video surveillance is now easier thanks to connected cameras or WiFi cameras. Small shops, supermarkets and private individuals are all interested in this innovation, which combines the ease of use of wireless devices with the efficiency of home automation. Thus spy cameras or car dash camera has always led us to dream of a more discreet, but reliable video surveillance with the WiFi camera or IP camera.

Since the first network camera was created, its principle has remained the same and don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated once you get familiar with the device in question. For those who are particularly interested in this new type of surveillance camera that enhances your security, you will gradually discover the different facets of the device and its technological prowess.

  • Surveillance cameras, why buy them?

    The surveillance camera has a main interest noted in its name. However, this type of device is still associated with large owners and established traders. While video surveillance has long been combined with the security of large companies’ premises, today we must think differently and extend the subject to everyone. Indeed, surveillance cameras are not only useful for the safety of those engaged in instant capital-generating activities or for the safety of those who know they are vulnerable because of the possession of valuable assets.

    So, if we review the priority of video surveillance, we also open up access to individuals. This type of device is useful for home surveillance. Whether it is monitoring the different rooms of your home, the yard, the garage or the gate; the WiFi surveillance camera will always be able to help individuals detect any anomalies that may occur on their property thanks to the display devices connected to the network. Indeed, with a spy surveillance camera for example, it is possible to act as quickly as possible in the case of child abuse by a babysitter.

  • What about the IP camera?

    You may have heard about the IP camera by learning about WiFi cameras. The IP camera is a device that allows you to perform a remote surveillance system. The device itself has an IP address that allows it to operate independently with a Fast Ethernet connection. In order for it to work, it is therefore necessary to connect the IP camera to an ADSL box. It is possible to connect the IP camera to a router, but it is also possible to choose a model of IP camera with WiFi sensor. This last model is said to be cable-free, but it is still connected to the mains power supply via a power cable.

    An IP camera can instantly transmit the video images captured on your computer, tablet or smartphone if you are connected. These images can be stored in the cloud or on an sd card depending on the user’s preference. However, storing on email is very clever. The IP camera can also be equipped with a video player. This option is only interesting for indoor IP cameras used in an occupied home. In addition, you can choose between motorized IP camera or fixed IP camera. The motorized IP camera is recommended for monitoring large areas, as a fixed camera cannot cover a wide field.

    In terms of the resolution of the recorded images; you can choose between an HD IP camera or an sd IP camera. The SD camera offers a standard resolution image, it is only interesting for video surveillance of small parts. The hd camera can be quite expensive but it is a very good option for both large spaces and large workspaces. In addition, most IP cameras are equipped with a day and night function to provide you with 24-hour surveillance. On the other hand, it is possible to find a model of infrared IP camera.

  • Use a WiFi camera with your iphone

    Thanks to the evolution of technology, we have been able to have our homes monitored remotely. Having a connected surveillance camera is indeed a very profitable solution. This gadget makes it possible to secure the inside and outside of a building in an ergonomic way.

    However, securing and monitoring is not just a matter of taking live video. Nowadays, it is mainly a question of offering the possibility of consulting these images directly recorded on a nomadic medium.

    The most accessible gadget for carrying out this surveillance at hand is the mobile phone. A gadget that is useful to you on a daily basis, your iphone can indeed be even more useful if you connect it to your WiFi camera.

  • The infrared WiFi camera

    Infrared cameras are often used in scientific research, yet today we have the opportunity to use this technology in everyday home surveillance. An infrared camera acts by emitting heat-sensitive waves; it therefore detects hot and cold spots in a given space. In road safety, this type of camera is used to detect bodies ejected off the road in the event of an accident. In large companies, this camera is used to detect sources of fire, possible short circuits, etc.

    The infrared IP camera can be used by private individuals who wish to have a pool room or any other storage room for gas or cold equipment monitored. Infrared images will help to detect possible leaks and temperature changes in these rooms as soon as possible. Placed in any room, the infrared IP camera will identify thermal insulation problems. In addition, the infrared camera is a good option for night surveillance cameras, in conjunction with the IP camera in night mode, for those who would like to enhance the security of their home.

    When purchasing an infrared camera, make sure that it can cover a wide temperature range, that it is equipped with image enhancement features, and that it can offer a fairly high image resolution.

  • WiFi spy cameras or pocket surveillance

    In the range of WiFi cameras, we must not forget spy cameras. Very easy to hide this type of camera is an ideal in the discreet surveillance of childcare providers or employees in charge of personal services. The WiFi spy camera comes in several models, ranging from pens to gadgets in spheres and desk watches. The choice will be made according to the level of discretion sought by the user. This type of camera can offer an HD image and can even have an integrated sound recorder as a classic IP surveillance camera. To be sure to buy a good product, however, you must go to a dealer who offers a warranty.

    In addition, the spy camera is often rechargeable and has autonomy of about two hours. This camera can also be connected to a computer via a USB cable. The images captured by the camera can be directly transmitted on a tablet, a smartphone or a computer. If you connect the camera to your computer via a USB cable, you can have instant video images using a java application. Spy cameras can also be equipped with sd cards to record the images captured by the camera. A permanently connected spy camera can alert its user via email if movement is detected.

  • The WiFi back-up camera is very practical

    A back-up camera is essential to avoid various accidents during reverse driving. This gadget is particularly useful for drivers of more or less massive vehicles such as vans, trailer trucks or motorhomes. However, drivers of sports cars and city cars will also benefit from the use of this device.

    There are different types of back-up cameras in terms of functionality, design and connectivity. On this last point, we mention the option with or without WiFi wires.

  • Spycam: Turn your webcam into a surveillance camera

    You may need to turn your webcam into a surveillance camera for one reason or another. In most cases, we decide to configure a spy camera option on our webcam in order to preserve the confidentiality of our data in our absence. Whether for a desktop or laptop computer, it is always possible to get this surveillance system via webcam and for this, just download video surveillance software such as SPYCAM. Once again, the world of WiFi cameras can be of great service to you for the security of your data.

    As we are talking about video surveillance, it should be remembered that webcam is part of the basic WiFi surveillance equipment. If you have a webcam integrated into your PC, your monitoring projects will be limited to the area captured by this webcam. If, on the other hand, you have an independent webcam, you can cable it up to connect it to your computer and place it in the place you want to monitor. The video surveillance software to be associated with the webcam will allow you to view the recorded images, store the images, and notify you by SMS, email or other means, when the video recorder captures a movement. Some software can be used as a smoke detector or alarm. Webcam video surveillance does not always guarantee good image quality, but you can invest in an HD webcam to get the best possible image resolution. In addition, you must leave your computer on while the webcam is recording. You must also leave WiFi open.


WiFi camera is a video surveillance device that must be connected to a video playback device through your internet connection. From the models most suitable for compliant surveillance such as the IP camera to the models most accessible to the majority of us, i. e. the webcam; the WiFi camera is a new generation of home video surveillance. Suitable for businesses and individuals alike, the WiFi camera makes monitoring easier thanks to wireless systems and direct transmission of information on reading devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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