How To Choose A Sport For Your Child That Will Help Earn Money Later On

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Sports are a large part of any child’s experience growing up. Be it football, soccer, basketball, what have you.

However, a lot of sports can be expensive with classes, equipment, coaching fees and more.

If the child doesn’t start early enough, like in figure skating or gymnastics, their choices become even more limited. Some will even put them at risk of injury, like boxing or rugby.

With no obvious return on investment, parents may be hesitant to spend a lot on a sport that ends up being a money sink.

While selecting a sport, there are a few key factors to consider:


How old is your child?

Can you afford the initial payment or any injuries that may occur?
Is it worth investing money in or will it become a money sink down the line?

Doing some research before choosing will save a lot of time and money.

Lets see what we will get…

  1. Football (Soccer)

    Football is a common choice for parents. It’s a sport that teaches teamwork, gives a great workout, and can be started early on.

    However, it’s a sport that can prove fatal over time. Football is known to cause frequent concussions, broken bones, and it leaves players susceptible to all sorts of brain disease.

    It’s also expensive at an average of $250+ per year for equipment and travel. That’s not to mention any classes or medical bills that may incur.

    As far as a return on investment, chances of getting into professional play are very low. Some of the best players have made upwards of twenty-two million, but many of them get diseases such as Alzheimers and ALS later on.

    World-wide sport
    You can train yourself to kick the ball

    An expensive activity
    Very dangerous
    Should be started from early ages

  2. Table Tennis

    You can train yourself to play table tennis. Classes, training videos and instructions can help to play like a pro, but they are not necessary like they would be for gymnastics or boxing.

    Also, table tennis can be started at any age.

    All equipment (even the best ping pong paddles and tables) requires an initial investment of around $200.

    However, it’s bought once and used for years among multiple people. Upgrades are there when you want them but they aren’t required.

    To find the best choice, you just need to read table tennis professional blogs, such as

    It is played in the comfort of your own home or wherever you decide to set up the table. It’s indoor so it can be played year round.

    Players get a good work out from each game. Constantly running back and forth breaks out a sweat, and you get a well-earned rest after each one.

    It can be used as a daily workout. Even if you don’t have another person to play with.

    Setting one side of the table up at an angle allows you to play off the makeshift wall.

    A match of table tennis can replace a daily run – all while learning a new sport. A great way to save on getting a gym membership. It’s also much safer than physical sports.

    It’s not without physical risk, however. Without proper stretching and care, table tennis can lead to muscle strain, back pain, and sprained ankles to name a few injuries.

    Can be started in all ages;
    Low risk of injuries;
    Not very expensive to start;
    You can improve your skills without an opponent.
    Suitable for boys and girls

    As it is a wide-world Olympic sport, you should be able to have some money and time to go to the competitions abroad;
    Despite the seeming simplicity, it is a professional sport. Some stretching is needed.

  3. Boxing

    Boxing is a more focused sport. One that requires years of training to be any good. It’s a great workout and can be very fulfilling.

    Competitions can be entered at any level, and money can be won. Starting gear (gloves and a bag) costs less than $60 on average. Further classes and training will start to cost you.

    Also, boxers are even more prone to head injuries than football players. Internal bleeding and bone fractures are not unheard of. Body and eye damage are also a factor, and those medical fees will add up.

    Professional boxers make significantly less than most other sports, with some salaries as low as twenty-thousand a year. The average being seventy-five thousand.

    Low initial payments and any starting level

    It is a dangerous sports activity with high risk of a head body or eye damage
    In most cases it is not a good choice for girls
    Low salary of professional boxers

  4. Gymnastics

    Gymnastics is very rewarding activity. It’s a stress reducer, it’s great for your body and mind and even improves overall coordination.

    However, it must be started at a young age, and gymnasts typically don’t compete past their twenties. It’s another injury-prone sport, with a high risk of bone breakage and sprains due to all the flipping around.

    There is also a stigma that gymnasts have to be really thin. For children, these stigmas can lead to eating disorders and lack of self-esteem among other mental issues.

    Those that are good enough can enter competitions for cash prizes, and the average salary for performance artists was seventy-five thousand in 2013.

    Beautiful sport, suitable for boys and girls;
    Improves health if doing properly;
    Low initial cash needed while starting

    You need to start from early age to achieve good results;

Factoring Price Into Your Choice of Sport

All sports are going to have some initial investment. It’s important to balance which of these sports work with your budget and putting your child in danger.

Individual sports or sports that can be picked up easily are usually the best bet. These sports are generally easier to get good at and win competitions, getting some return on your spent cash.

Team sports can be harder not only to excel at but to make money with. You must rely on a team rather than yourself, and the competition to go professional is much higher. Hopefully this list gave some insight on which would be best for your investment.

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