How to Create Financial Privacy and Protect your Hard-Earned Money

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It has become fashionable to insist that privacy is a thing of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. Privacy is more valuable and desirable now than it has ever been in human history.

This fact combined with the enormous amount of information and data the average person is required to process, and it makes the situation that much more urgent.

How to Create Financial Privacy and Protect your Hard-Earned Money

  • Financial Privacy?

    Financial privacy is one of those subjects that tops the list.

    Many people, even a few fairly wealthy people, are unaware there are specialized resources available and even established companies like Harbor Financial Services that can be utilized to establish and maintain confidentiality in financial matters, and that these resources are both effective and widely used.

  • Why is Financial Privacy Important?

    It is said that some of the more famous film sequels often disguise their titles when negotiating for land use, permits and equipment purchases so as to avoid overpaying because their vendors believe they have access to more funds.

    Being wealthy means others will presume price is no object, which may end up costing you more in the long run.

    This is particularly important when you consider negotiations and large transactions.

    If your counterparty knows your complete financial picture, you won’t have much credibility when you try to stick to the budget.

    As romantic as it sounds, business is not poker. Having a stack of money in front of you at all times doesn’t help you win the game.

  • What Are The Advantages?

    Consider attorney-client privilege. Anything a client tells their attorney is confidential.

    The attorney cannot ever be forced to divulge what they were told by their client.

    Now imagine bank-customer privilege. This is one of the cornerstone advantages in having financial privacy.

    Companies like Harbor Financial Services offer packages which combine pre-selected services into a one-stop shop for those who might be new to offshore bank accounts and highly confidential financial practices.

    For example, they offer access to Swiss Bank accounts, where privacy laws function very much like the attorney-client privilege in the United States.

    These services are invaluable because they provide people with little or no experience a roadmap of sorts to guide them through what can be a confusing array of options.

It has been often said that earning money is really only half the responsibility.

Protecting wealth is a subject all its own, and it requires at least as much education and skill as building wealth in the first place.

Earning and building wealth is the first step. Making sure your wealth is protected is the second step in preserving your hard-earned money.

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