How to Declutter for House Removals

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Every one of us has things that we bought in the past but is absolutely redundant or of little use, admit it.

Now such things do not bother much when they are simply lying in one corner and bundled together and thrown in the garage.

But when it comes to removals the house, these things can turn out to be a real headache.

It is not wise to fret over these things and carry them around when you can simply opt for a better option of decluttering, making the overall exhausting process of removals to go a bit smoother.

While decluttering is an efficient way of dealing with all your belongings, it is not a random process on its own. It needs to be done systematically and how to do it like that, please continue with this article.

  • Carry out a survey of the house

    Pick up a clipboard and a ballpoint and go on to do a thorough survey of the house as if you were some sort of a government agent looking for items which seem rather useless, imagining owning such things is a crime in our hypothetical world. An easy way to go about this business is to look for dirt over the items. Simply run a finger over the glassware or any item from the cupboard and if it has dirt, it implied that the thing has not been used in a long time.

    There you have it, the first indication that you need to do something about it. Now it is imperative to mention here that not everything which has the dirt is going to be useless, but it can give you a general idea to evaluate the usefulness of the object under consideration.

  • Labeling

    Continue in the grove of a vicious inspector and jolt down everything you observe which needs to be taken care of, rather than taking it to the new place. It is a good start if you have an entire list of items about which something needs to be done. From here, you should go out and look for large boxes and plastic bags, whichever you find suitable and start sorting things out.

    You would be dividing the things into three categories:

    • Keep – These are going to the items and objects which are absolutely essential, and you will be taking them to the new place. This particular category is going to be massive in terms of no. of items because most of the things are used in one way or another. There is no need to put these things right now in the boxes or bags. Just take care of whatever is left, and then the things to be kept can systematically be packed and moved.

    • Sell – The second category is going to be things that are not really useful to you but might have some monetary value. Now, of course, throwing such things away is not a wise idea. You should put these things together in the boxes and take them away to some auction house. Another way to take care of these things is by putting them online for selling. You just have to take pictures and put them on a website. Remember that removal is an expensive process and all the resources you can gather are going to be helpful. Also, it takes time for things to get sold, therefore plan your decluttering weeks ahead of removal.

    • Donate – The third and final category is to donate whatever if left. These can be things such as old clothes which you do not wear or books etc. which can be really useful for someone else. Now it is a better practice to offer these things to the people in the vicinity who you think might want them. The other option is to contact the relevant organization who might need them and they can come to pick them up from your place.

  • Piles of papers

    Dealing with other things is rather easy when compared to the piles of papers we have stacked over the years. Now, most of these papers are important, many have lost their significance while the rest simply need to go the trash. This process is going to take due diligence and most of your time as well. Our recommendation in this regard is one word, “Patience”. You do not want an important piece of document, say concerning your insurance, to be put together with the ones you are going to throw out. And if all these papers are not organized, while you are at it, go through a little extra effort and properly organize them in folders which are clearly labeled such that you do not have to worry about the next time.

  • Memory box

    There are going to be things which cannot be put in the categories we just mentioned above. These things may include pictures, toys, old books or everything items of clothing. Now why can’t we get rid of these things? Because they are an essential part of our past and there is a certain sentimental value attached to these items. The best way to go about these things is to put them a big box which says “Memory treasure” or simply “Memory box” if you don’t want it to sound too cheesy. You can put all such things in the box, and it can easily transport to the new place.

    Another more efficient way is to ask all the members of your house to deal with the things associated with their memory in their own little memory box which is going to be the sole responsibility of that person to handle. And since we do not go through these items on regular bases, it is best to keep them in the boxes at new place so that next time you move, you do not have to deal with these items from the scratch.

House removals is certainly a cumbersome job but it can be made relatively easy by doing it systematically. Decluttering is one of such ways. Happy moving.

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