How to Defend Your Finances Against Hackers and Scammers

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Many instances of hacking and stealing of money on people’s credit cards has become a reality for many card and bank account holders. Although banks are coming up with various strategies to curb this menace, credit card holders continue to suffer losses due to increased non-user access.

Increased cases of theft require card and bank account holders to devise ways of protecting their finances from hackers who are out to swindle money from cards and bank accounts.

Below are some of the ways through which you can protect your card.

  • Do Not Give your Account to Persons of Unknown Identity

    Many people lose their money because they gave their card numbers over the phone or on the Internet without knowing the repercussions.

    You should avoid giving responding to anonymous calls and unaccredited Internet marketing platforms that require you to provide your card number.

    Before you decide to provide your number, ensure that the company is accredited. You can inquire from your bank official to know whether the finance company is genuine.

  • Do Not Leave Your Credit Cards in Car

    Studies have shown that the many cases of card theft are from car compartments. You should be careful when you go to the gyms. You should not leave your card unattended. This is because hackers are out at gyms and other places where people go to spend their leisure time.

  • Change Your Passwords Regularly

    Passwords are important safeguards that can help you protect your money. You need to protect your password and PIN numbers by ensuring that nobody is behind you. Cover the keys with one of your hands while entering the PIN or passwords.

  • Ensure That You Check and Reconcile Your Bank Statements

    Many people lose their money because they take too long before they notice discrepancies on their bank statements. You should request for bank statements and match all your expenditures and charges.

    In case you notice any unknown businesses on your account or credit card statement, you should contact your bank immediately.

  • Shred All Information Regarding Your Credit Cards

    Although many people ignore this, you may lose a lot of money through leaking of your credit card information such as card numbers and PINs. Make sure that you tear all PIN mailers after you receive them from your bank.

    You should open your credit card bills in a prompt manner to ensure that no bogus fees or charges exist. It is essential to treat the credit card as your own bank account. Keep all your receipts to enable you compare your charges against your credit card transactions and outstanding balances.

    It is recommended to call the number appearing on the card statement to inquire about a strange charge. You can also write to the card issuer in case you do not recognize a transaction on your card.

    Unless you initiated the call, it is prohibitive to provide your card numbers over the phone. Ensure that the company initiating the call is reputable.

    For example, you should avoid phone calls mentioning computer problems and the need to verify your information. You may be a minute away from losing all your funds if you do this.

    Remember that companies that are trusted do not call you to request for verification information unless you initiated the call requesting for help.

    Avoid giving your credit card or bank information on a website that is unsecure. However, this requires that you identify the difference between a genuine and a site that is not secure.

    Maybe you are wondering how you can know if a site is secure. A genuine site will display a secure padlock symbol.

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