How to Deliver Projects Successfully as Project Manager

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As a project manager, your ultimate goal and objective in delivering a project is to finish it on time, within budget and with a happy customer especially project sponsor(s).

It’s not hard but not as easy as you might think.

You can do it if you put your mind to it.

You can do it if you put your heart into it.

Mind (logic) and heart (emotions) must come to a point to deliver the project successfully.

How to Deliver Projects Successfully as Project Manager


These 5 tips will give you a head start:

  1. Be honest and truthful

    Remember our mother used to say when we were kids: “Don’t lie and honesty is the best policy.” The truth shall set you free. Your company exists because of the customers it serves. So why not be truthful and honest with them, especially on the task you’re working on as project manager.

    The first and foremost item you can tell them about is if the project is feasible. If it is not, then don’t beat around the bushes. Give it to them straight looking in the customer’s eyes.

    If the project is really feasible but you don’t have enough resources – manpower, money, time to deliver it successfully, tell your customer in no vague language. Tell the customer you’re able to do it if and when you get enough resources.

    Don’t set their expectations too high and don’t brag about your abilities by telling them you will deliver the project before the deadline and then you’re unable to do it.

    You won’t gain your customer’s trust by not telling them the truth and not being honest.

    Involve customer from the beginning of the project. They’re as human as you’re. They will be more supportive to your cause.

  2. Delegate authority

    Your job as project manager is to guide your team members in the right direction. Assign each member a specific task and hold him/her accountable for it.

    Act smart and let them finish their task successfully. Delegating authority gives you the time needed to monitor the project and support your team. Don’t do their job as you won’t like them do yours.

  3. Become a leader

    I guess many folks can and have become managers. It might not be that hard. However, how many managers do we know who are leaders in the true sense of the word. Leading and motivating your team is an essential part of the job of project manager.

    At the very minimum as a leader, regularly communicate the project vision to your team. Also, reward them for progress and recognize their achievements wholeheartedly.

    You can only gain their respect if you show them you care. You can also build team spirit by taking them to lunch regularly. Talk to the team about what they achieved together.

    Write the word “TEAM” in big block letters on a piece of paper and hang it on the wall right in front of where you sit. Everyday, look at it. Spell it. Remember there is no “I” in TEAM. Don’t act like you own the team. You’re a member of the team but as project manager.

  4. Unexpected events may occur

    Many times, things happen as expected. However, there are times when things change and the result is then not the same as expected. So be ready for it when it occurs.

    Your customer may want changes. The industry and technology change over time as well. Your reaction to the change is more important than the change itself.

    Always be in a position to embrace change. Don’t accept the notion that something is carved in stone and it’ll not change. A good project manager is always wary of the change. Always question it. Accept it only when you’re certain it’s for the best and then implement it.

  5. Work smart, not hard

    Peter Drucker used to say: “Work smarter, not harder.” Whatever project you’re about to embark on, first find out if there was another similar project done before. You might be able to use some parts of it in your current project.

    What I mean is: “You might not have to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch.” Give yourself a head start wherever possible by using tools already developed for your project.

    There are templates available in the industry that you can use to speed up the project and finish it successfully within budget and on time. It’ll genuinely save you time in your effort and, of course, money.

In a Nutshell
Using these 5 tips, you’ll boost your project success. When you finish the project within budget and on time, you’ve the right to pat yourself and your team members, not necessarily physically but in some effective ways to appreciate each one for their contribution. You could also take them out to lunch to celebrate.

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