How to Financially Prepare for a Major Dental Procedure

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Dental repairs often come up out of the blue, surprising you following car accidents or sports injuries.

Other times, they are needed to treat problems that have arisen following years of poor oral care or due to diseases and certain medications.

Whatever your reason for needing dental care may be, the financial blow it makes to your wallet can be a major hurdle for you to get over.

Rather than putting off necessary dental procedures, consider using one or more of these four tips for preparing financially for this large cost.

How to Financially Prepare for a Major Dental Procedure

  1. Use Dental Insurance

    During open enrollment, look into your dental insurance options. You may be able to tack it onto your health insurance plan, or you may want to buy it separately.

    Additionally, ask at your dental clinic because many clinics these days offer their own discounted plans that will cut off up to 20 percent of your procedural costs, including orthodontic care.

  2. Open an Interest-Deferred Medical Needs Credit Card

    If you have no money saved up, have a dental procedure within the next few days that you cannot put off and have decent credit, you may want to apply for a health care-based credit card.

    These cards generally only cover health, dental and vision care along with a few other add-ons, such as chiropractic and certain fitness purchases. However, where they can really shine is in their special offers.

    Search for one that offers no interest if you pay within a certain time. By taking advantage of this and paying off the entire amount in the allotted time, you do not have to worry about building up huge consumer debts.

  3. Save Up

    If you can put off your procedure for a few weeks or a couple of months, you will want to try to save up the amount you will need in cash to avoid interest charges or to cover insurance deductibles.

    Consider cutting discretionary spending from your budget for the month, holding a garage sale, or taking on a temporary second job.

  4. Ask for a Discount

    If you are paying with cash or check on the day of your appointment, ask for a discount.

    Many practices will give you a 5 or 10 percent discount just for paying in cash immediately.

    You can also chat with your clinic’s financial office to find out what kind of financing options they offer.

Dental procedures can be very expensive, especially if you require emergency care. Although you might have dental insurance, you may still be required to meet high deductibles before coverage kicks in.

Plus, many procedures are not covered. Instead, consider having a savings plan in place so that you can pay on the spot and possibly save a lot of money.

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