How To Give New Vigor To Your Career

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A time comes in the professional life of many employees that they feel stagnated at work. They started in their career as they wanted but along the way somehow they diverted from their goals. They feel they are not moving ahead.

If you think you have become like them, your batteries may be acting on you and you think you should recharge and jump start your career freshly.

You need to give new vigor to your career. When you are young, you don’t think things over as rationally as you should.

Many folks are just happy to have a job. But you must create a plan, at least a 3-year career plan and review it often so you know you are on the right path.


The following is a 5-point plan to jump start and give new vigor to your career:

  1. Review your Present Status

    In order to move forward in your career, you must know where you are at.

    Write down what you are doing presently and where you had wanted to go when you first started.

    Compare your expectations at the time to your actual achievements.

    If you find a big difference between the two, examine carefully where you were unable to follow your plan to meet your original goals.

    Write down what you enjoyed and what you didn’t. Then work out what you can change to narrow the difference.

  2. Set a Single Goal

    You don’t want to go in many different directions.

    Set just one single goal and work towards meeting it. Make the goal simple to understand and follow through.

    However, it must be challenging to achieve and make it measurable.

    For example, you might want to get certified in your field in the next 12 months.

  3. Develop an Action Plan

    To meet your goal, you must have a plan that you can act upon.

    Because the action plan is not something theoretical but actually working on it makes it probably the hardest part.

    You need to think about what it will take to meet your goal and then create a plan of attack.

    List the things you want to achieve each year that are achievable.

    For instance it might be to take on more responsibility.

  4. Follow your Action Plan wholeheartedly

    Now that you have set up your goal and a plan of action, you need to actually follow it through to meet your goal.

    Now is the time to make that fresh start you wanted. Involve your boss and get her commitment.

    Seek help from coworkers as well. You would be surprised how helpful they can be.

  5. Work Smart to Achieve your Goal

    The best way to jump start and give new vigor to your career is to become an over-achiever.

    You need to constantly achieve more than was expected of you.

    If you can do this, then you can be sure you would be offered promotions, pay raises and other benefits that help you to achieve your goals.

In a Nutshell
You can always jump start your career when you have the determination to do it. You might need help from family, friends and coworkers. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Make your goals simple and achievable.

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