How to Handle Getting Your Inheritance When Your Parents Didn’t Leave a Will

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It is an unfortunate fact that many people never even think about making a will, and that can lead to some major problems when a death occurs.

While getting your inheritance without a will might be tricky, there are some steps that you can take to speed the process up.

How to Handle Getting Your Inheritance When Your Parents Didn't Leave a Will

  • Double-Check for Any Legal Documents

    Many people try to write up wills and other legal documents without an attorney, and your parent might have left behind some type of paperwork that will make this process much easier. The first thing that you should do is check all of your parent’s safes, files, and safe deposit boxes for any concrete evidence that indicates where they would have liked their belongings to go. You should also collect credit cards, ATM cards, and any other property that could potentially be taken by another party.

  • Gather a List of Assets

    The next step in this process could take quite some time, and that is why you should start as soon as your parent passes away. In addition to houses, cars, and other physical assets, you will also need to collect information on their bank accounts, retirement accounts, and insurance policies. Once you have a thorough list of all of their assets, you can then head to an attorney to explore your legal options.

  • Hire an Attorney

    Working with an experienced probate attorney is going to make your life much easier in the coming months. These situations can become extremely complex in the blink of an eye, and you don’t want to try to make your way through the legal system on your own. Your attorney will be able to collect important information, file key paperwork, and work with any other parties that might be involved in the situation.

  • Be Patient

    While it might be tempting to head over to your parent’s house and pick up some of the items that you think they would have wanted you to keep, that could be a major mistake. If the situation does escalate into a legal battle, those types of actions might reflect poorly on you. After you have organized their assets and hired an attorney, the best thing that you can do is remain patient. Even with a will, receiving an inheritance can be a lengthy process that ends up taking months.

These types of scenarios are never going to be easy, but you don’t want to make matters worse by bickering with loved ones or getting drawn into exhausting legal battles. With a little patience and some professional help, you could have your inheritance before you know it.

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