How to Identify Hidden Treasures in Your Family Collections

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You might think that your family has collected a bunch of junk over the years. In some cases, this analysis might be true.

However, it should be understood that a lot of items people acquire and perceive as junk are extremely collectable.

Instead of arbitrarily pitching out items you assume are not worth anything, the following are some ways you can identify if you have some hidden treasures you did not realize were highly valued items.

How to Identify Hidden Treasures in Your Family Collections

  • Jewelry

    When it comes to jewelry, you might have pieces made of real gold, silver or which contain authentic gem stones. Each of these aspects of Jewelry will factor in to discerning how much a piece happens to be worth. Beware, however, because you may simply have a lot of fake or costume jewelry that looks real, but is not really worth so much. But, even still, some costume jewelry may be worth a decent amount to people who collect that sort of item.

  • Old Coins

    If you have run across a box of old coins in your family’s possession, then chances are you should have these items checked out and graded to determine their actual value. Some coins are not worth much, and others can be worth more than you would probably hazard to guess. It really depends on the age, condition, rarity and demand for old coins that determines what they are ultimately worth. If you know what they are worth and would like to exchange your coins for money, then you may want to contact someone who deals in the selling of old coins like Harlan J. Berk, LTD.

  • Furniture

    If you recently inherited a bunch of family furniture from a relative, then you may have some cause for concern. In the past, old furniture was highly collectable. However, in more recent years, websites and apps where people put their antique furniture and other items up for sale in their local communities have taken a toll on the collectable furniture market. To add to the problem, the children of Baby Boomers tend to have little interest in holding on to the antique furniture of that generation. Now days, if you plan to get something for your old furniture, it better be a truly extraordinary piece.

  • Toys

    You may not realize it, but old toys are some of the most collectable and sought-after items on the planet. The reason toys are so highly collectable is because kids preferred playing with their toys, rather than preserving them long term. As a result, fewer and fewer old toys can be found in mint condition. This means that the right toy collectors will pay top dollar for hard to find toys which are still in excellent condition.

When you have identified which items you possess that are worth real money, then you have some difficult choices to make. Some of these items you will probably want to sell for cold, hard cash.

You may want to hang on to other collectable items with the intention of allowing them to increase in value with time.

You might even hold on to certain collectable items for nostalgic or sentimental reasons. Whatever your passion, be sure that you keep an objective perspective as you decide which items to sell and which to hold on to for the long term.

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