How to Make Fixing Your Car More Affordable

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If you’re not careful, the cost of maintaining an aging car can quickly spiral out of control as the years wear on.

The good news is that you can save a small fortune by approaching repairs in an intelligent fashion.

Here are a few handy tips that will minimize repair costs.

How to Make Fixing Your Car More Affordable

  • Invest in Preventative Maintenance

    The easiest way to slash repair bills is to avoid hardware failures in the first place. Changing oil, transmission fluid, filters, and spark plugs at the appropriate intervals is a good place to start. Try to have an alignment performed once a year to prolong the life of steering and suspension components.

  • Learn to Diagnose Problems in the Making

    An OBDII reader can give motorists valuable advance notice regarding upcoming repairs when warning lights appear on the instrument panel. Be sure to investigate any odd smell or sound that appears suddenly during your daily commutes. Searching vehicle-specific web forums for possible causes and solutions before a breakdown occurs is just common sense.

  • Stock up on Common Spare Parts in Advance

    Drivers waste the most money on repairs when they need a part in a hurry and get robbed by local merchants. If you drive a Corolla, buying genuine Toyota spare parts before they’re needed is a wise move. At a minimum, buying an alternator or starter for a rainy day is advisable.

  • Assemble a Versatile Collection of Tools

    With the right hand tools, there are few repairs that DIY mechanics can’t tackle. A comprehensive array of wrenches, sockets and pry bars should be the foundation of a tool arsenal even if you’re not particularly handy. Cover the basics first and augment your collection with vehicle-specific tools that make working on your particular car less stressful.

  • Establish Relationships With Trusted Mechanics

    Sooner or later, you’ll run into a problem that you can’t handle on your own. That’s why having an honest mechanic in your corner is so important. Remember that low prices aren’t always a good sign. Give a few local mechanics a test drive and reward the dependable ones with your business.

Ultimately, there’s no substitute for quality parts produced by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Be sure to go with the manufacturers recommendations on any and all repairs you might have to do on your Toyota. This will ensure a long life for your car and less frustration on your part because you will know that your car has been fixed and attended to correctly.

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