How to Make Saving for Family Outings and Activities Easy

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There are few things better than seeing your extended family. Whether you are going to dinner with your cousins or spending the week with your grandparents, it is almost always a good time when you get to be around your loved ones.

Let’s take a look at how you can make saving up for a family outing as easy as possible.

How to Make Saving for Family Outings and Activities Easy

  • Start Saving as Early as Possible

    Ideally, you will have plenty of notice as to when the event is happening.

    In some cases, the family may get together at the same time of year to make planning easier. If you do get together at the same time each year, you will have 12 months to save, which means that you should divide the cost of the trip by 52.

    The number that you get is the amount that you need to save each week. If the trip is going to happen on short notice, you may want to borrow using an interest-free credit card or similar type of loan.

    This allows you to pay for the trip upfront and pay it back over six months or longer.

    Some credit card offers allow you to pay your balance with no interest for up to 21 months.

  • Stay Local if Possible

    A trip to the local aquarium may be less expensive than flying across the country or going overseas for a vacation.

    At the very least, you want to plan trips that you can drive to. Doing so allows you to save money on transportation costs while giving you greater control over your travel schedule.

    Staying relatively local for family fun in Las Vegas, may also mean that everyone can stay at someone’s house instead of having to book a hotel.

    That may save you hundreds of dollars even if you are just planning on staying for a day or two.

    However, if you know of any vacation packages in your area, you may choose to book a hotel just to enjoy the feeling of someone else taking care of you for a change.

  • Look for Deals and Travel Packages

    Booking a flight, hotel and rental car bundle may cost less than booking all three items by themselves.

    It may also be a good idea to book a trip for a slower time of the year or a slower time of the week.

    Airlines, hotel and rental car companies may be willing to give you a better rate in exchange for booking you trip for a Wednesday instead of a Saturday.

    Those who have credit cards with reward points may be able to cash in those points to pay for some or all of the cost of a trip.

    Credit card companies may also partner with gas stations, restaurants and local attractions to offer savings that may not be available to those who don’t have that particular card.

  • Stay in Whenever Possible

    Instead of going out to dinner, the family should gather for a barbecue or picnic that everyone contributes food or drinks to.

    If a family member has a pool, a game room or other amenities, it may be cost effective to just swim or play games there instead of going to a beach or pool hall.

    This may be an especially good idea if anyone has a medical condition that may limit how far that they can travel.

Spending time with the family is something that we all want to do more of. However, financial issues may keep you at home more often than you would like.

The good news is that with enough time, you can plan a trip that caters to your need to see family members and your need to stay within a budget.

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