How to Make the relocation of Your Business as Painless as Possible

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When it comes to the matters of transition and moving, businesses are not much different than humans – Nobody likes to have anything to do with them, but there always comes a time when the grass on the other side of the fence looks much greener and the change seems all but inevitable.

The other thing that makes business relocation very similar to regular moving is that, no matter how much the end result may seem beneficial, the road to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is rarely smooth.

Let us, then, take a look how you can make this potentially troublesome situation as carefree as possible.

    How to Make the relocation of Your Business as Painless as Possible 2

  • Find the Best Possible Location

    The first, and arguably the most important decision you will have to make while moving your business will be the one of its new location.

    Here are few factors you should pay attention to while choosing:

    • Area. Ideally, your business’s new location should not be too far from the previous one. This way, you will keep the adjustment time of your employees, clients, and suppliers on the bare minimum.

    • Demographics. If you are, on the other hand, forced to move the business slightly out of your comfort zone, see what percentage of the new customer base matches your ideal customer profile and how stable is their economic base. Avoid communities that rely solely on one particular industry.

    • Foot traffic. Take some time to monitor the pedestrian traffic outside the desired location at different days of the week, and even different times of the day. If you are running a retail business, the question of foot traffic can easily make or break your business.

    • Proximity to competition and other businesses. Competition does not always have to be a bad thing. In some cases (comparison shopping) it may even benefit your business.

      What you should always try to surround your company with, however, are the businesses that provide products and services that can be upgraded and associated with your portfolio, and the ones that will improve the employee satisfaction and retention during this turbulent period.

  • Try to Impose Your Conditions

    Granted, going too far can potentially put off the landlord, but keep this in mind – Moving your business is a very costly process – The more money you save, the better for you.

    That is why it should not be a bad idea to ask for a rental-free period or reduction in rental rates.

    Also, you should strongly avoid signing up some lengthy lease that could potentially limit your options in the future. Try speaking with the landlord about the flexibility on the lease, or at least find the agreement on the acceptable break-up clause instead.

  • How to Make the relocation of Your Business as Painless as Possible 4

  • Create a Packing and Moving Timeline in Advance

    Although you can never start sorting out the schedule too soon, make sure to create a designated budget and tackle this important issue at least 4-6 months prior to the actual moving.

    Use the time in between to accommodate the employees to the new reality of your business, obtain the necessary permits and insurance policies, update the vendors, take care of the phone and Internet services, and go few times through all of the determined procedures, so your business can get back on its feet the moment the moving is complete.

  • Hire the Movers and Cleaners in Advance

    Of course, the degree in which your business’s relocation will be smooth and carefree will not only depend on the factors that are within it, but also the other parties that will be involved in this process.

    Make sure then, to hire reliable junk removal, cleaning, and moving services at least 1-3 months in advance. Also, if you notice that the new space your business will occupy will require some furniture/equipment upgrades, now is the time to make an order.

  • How to Make the relocation of Your Business as Painless as Possible 3

  • Let the World Know That You Are Moving

    Finally, you should make the necessary upgrades to your website, and order new business cards, and other similar promotional products 1-2 weeks prior to moving, so you can continue your operations without any undesirable slowdowns.

    Use the remaining time to inform your customers about the transition your business will undergo through commercials, newsletter, and your social media profiles.

And now is the time to relocate your business to the new location. Good planning and good preparation make the half of every success, and if you took enough time to go through all of the things we mentioned above, you will be able to see that for yourself.

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