How To Make Your Move A Success Without The Extra Expenses

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There’s no doubt that moving is expensive, stressful, and tiring.

You have a hundred tasks on your plate, and you feel like there’s just no way you can get it all done.

Whether you’re moving out of state for a new job or to a nicer house around the corner, there are steps you can take to make your move a success.

You’ll appreciate that these steps won’t cost you extra money.

How To Make Your Move A Success Without The Extra Expenses

  • Start Purging Early

    When most people hire a moving company, they have the movers come in, pack everything up and deposit it in the new house.

    As they unpack, they discover all types of junk that they forgot they own and do not want.

    The problem is that they just paid to move it, and they may have to pay to get rid of it at the new property.

    A better option is to start purging early. Declutter before you move so that you can save on the actual move and have less to unpack later. Give it to charity, sell it, or just throw it out, but start eliminating the junk as soon as you make the decision to move.

  • Pack a Little at a Time

    If you’re moving yourself, then you can start packing early. The out-of-season clothes and household items are a great starting point.

    Stage the packed boxes in the garage or a portable storage unit. Keep putting away a box each day or even several over the weekend and you’ll soon have most of the house packed and ready to go.

  • Remember the As Needed Items

    The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home and discover that the items you use every day are buried in the stack.

    Make a list of the household items you cannot live without in the morning, including your coffee pot or alarm clock. Put these items in a specially labeled box to go in the car with you.

    It’s also important to pack an overnight bag with clothes and toiletries for each family member to go in the trunk of the car.

  • Learn to Pack Right

    If you’re saving money by doing it yourself, then make sure you know how to pack a moving truck.

    Improper packing can lead to breakage, and that can be heartbreaking depending on what’s damaged.

    Be sure to wrap the fragile items and give them plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap so that they won’t crack in transit.

    Eliminate the open space inside boxes to reduce vibrations and breakage.

    Label each side with the room name and contents. If the box is fragile, then clearly mark it.

    When you pack the truck, put the heavier items on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.

    Strap contents to the walls as you go so that things won’t fall over on the road.

    It’s generally easier to pack tables by taking the legs off. If you’re unable to remove the legs, then use the open space underneath for more boxes.

    Also, packing your truck right not only can save you money by ensuring that nothing breaks, but it can also help you fit as much stuff as possible in one truck so that you don’t have to rent more transportation.

  • Take Care of Pets Early

    If you’re going to travel with pets, then consider their needs. Some animals will make a move fine, but cats and some dogs may need medication to help them stay calm on the road.

    Be sure to pick up your pet’s records, and make an appointment to see about any of those medications if necessary.

  • Remember the Master List

    You’re going to need a master to-do list for your move. This should include tasks like switching the mail, interviewing moving companies, picking up supplies, and getting the new utilities turned on.

    Give yourself dates for different tasks to be completed by. This will help you pluck away at the chores a little at a time, and you’ll find that it’s easy to stay on track.

    The move will arrive before you know it, but you’ll have everything in place to make it a great success.

Moving doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think. There are tons of different moving methods out there to help you save money and make your move as smooth and easy as possible.

Just be sure to take time to do your research and find the best strategies for you.

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