How To Optimise Images for Your Business Website

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Are you seeking to improve your website loading time and creating a fantastic user experience as well? Its time to put your worries to sleep and your money on your website productivity because optimizing the images you use on your website does that for you.

It has an express impact on your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) rankings and supports a lot of crucial factors that can aid search engines to analyze and understand your website content more clearly.

If you are aiming to have a business website that loads faster and creates a better user experience, you are on the right path to business success. This is easily achievable by optimizing images and ensuring you are employing the correct file size.

Every successful business website prides itself on unique and epic user experience, and your website is no exception. Walk with me as we explore how to optimize images for your business website.

How To Optimise Images for Your Business Website

  • Identify your current site speed

    Before you embark on optimizing images, begin by running a website speed test on your website. This brings about a significant impact on your website. You can use online speed tests like Pingdom tools, GTMetrix, WebPage test, or Google Pagespeed Insights, among others.

    Each of the tests works a bit different from the other, but they all employ the same concept. You will receive a custom report about the site’s performance and speed just by entering your URL.

    The tool you will use will recommend steps to improve your site’s speed and performance. That is just an extra plus because what you are looking for at this point is only your speed score.

  • Choose the best image file type

    Choosing the best specific image type is critical at this stage. JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs are the most commonly used image file types on the web. Just like other essential files, they too have pros, cons, and best practices when placed on your website.

  • Resize images before uploading

    One of the natural ways of image optimisation on your website is resizing them before uploading. This is more critical if you are using raw DSLR camera images. In most cases, they bear larger dimensions than you will need. There are plenty of tools you can utilize to resize your images. This helps in making sure you have pictures that will bear the required size and avoid having large images that will make your file load slower.

  • Using OCR software

    Using OCR software that allows software developers to read text from PDF documents and images is another thing to consider. It is useful in converting images to text. OCR software is also capable of reading QR codes and barcodes and return them to the developer.

    All you have to do is install the OCR library to a visual studio. Using OCR software with C# to extract text from an image also has a handful of benefits. It is an easy installation, well documented, and complete library.

    OCR software prevails while working with imperfect documents, real-world images, imperfect photographs, or low-resolution scans that may contain imperfections or digital noise. Some OCR library tools like Tesseract may not perform well with these real-world situations.

  • Automation of image optimisation

    Image optimization is not a hefty task with automation tools like WordPress plugin. This is arguably the easiest way to streamline the image optimization process. All you have to do is install the image optimization plugin on your site.

Final words

Image optimization is the only way you are going to earn bonus winnings on your business website. Nowadays, you will find the above-discussed tools and more to aid in this endeavour. Please make the most out of it.

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