How to Plan an Affordable Bathroom Renovation

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When wanting to upgrade your bathroom space and create a new style, renovating will enhance the appearance and functionality of the room. Although renovating can come with a hefty price tag, there are several ways to make it affordable with a few budget-friendly ideas.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to makeover the room, there are methods to keeping it at a low cost while still transforming the space.

How to Plan an Affordable Bathroom Renovation

  • Use Second Hand Sources

    Instead of paying full price for your hardware and tiles, opt for using second-hand sources for discounted prices that offer the same level of quality. Look online or at local brick and mortar shops when second-hand sales or promotions are available throughout the year, according to You can also look on for local deals on materials and products through private sellers.

  • Paint Everything Yourself

    You may want your bathroom renovation to look professional, but hiring a contractor to paint the walls a new color can be done yourself at a fraction of the cost. In bathrooms, the walls are often covered with large mirrors, fixtures, and tile for minimal painting that is needed and a project that you can do yourself, according to

  • Make a List of Must-Haves

    To renovate on a small budget, make a small list of must-haves that are worth investing in before getting estimates from local contractors. This can include a new vanity or a high-end showerhead. It will allow you to be flexible on items that are less a priority, according to

  • Refurbish Wood Cabinets

    Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new cabinets, make use of the ones that are already installed, even if they’re outdated. Opt for sanding them down and staining or painting them a modern color for a look that is updated and at an affordable cost, according to

  • Limit the Tile

    One of the most expensive features for bathrooms is the cost of tile. Allow your bathroom to shine with minimal touches of tile that will still work in your budget. recommends focusing on high-impact areas that include the floors and shower walls. You can still create beautiful accents with the tile by adding a strip of tile on the wall while painting the rest an accent color. You can also mix cheaper tile with more expensive choices for a combination that still looks high-end.

  • Focus on Keeping your Work Clean

    Bathroom renovation experts from Advanced Plumbing Drains & Heating give one tip from how they do their renovations: work clean. Don’t drag your mess around the rest of the house. Manage the waste from your project efficiently. By keeping things clean, you can save money and time on your bathroom renovation.

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